Oct 082012

News from the technology blog MSNerd that Microsoft is cooperating with Huawei and MediaTek to launch a own brand Surface phone. Currently, Microsoft is recruiting the camera technicists.

Currently, the news has been confirmed by many sides. The news said that, unlike the previous market rumors, Microsoft Surface Mobile is not for the hign-end market, as MediaTek is known as its SOC solutions, which has been widely used in low-end smartphones in China. Similarly, Huawei channels are mainly located in China, where the market is very sensitive to product prices.

Microsoft is current partnership with Nokia, and it said it will not launch its own brand phone, not long ago, Nokia and Microsoft just cooperated and released the Lumia920 and Lumia820 equipped with the WP8 operating system. Through the cooperation with Huawei and MediaTek, that Microsoft launched its own low-end mobile phone will not only meet the needs of more users, but also not it will not become direct competition against Nokia.

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