Nov 192012

The French website MacBidouille recently quoted anonymous sources said Apple might slightly postpone the listing date of the new AIO iMac.

It’s reported that, due to the manufacturing process of the new iMac is too complex, it may cause Apple to miss the sales season at the end of the year. The new iMac has a slimmer and higher strength body, the main production difficulties is the use of friction stir welding technology, two blocks aluminum body molecular seamlessly welded together through the high temperature and pressure process.

Sources said, the 21.5-inch version shipment will be postponed until next month, and the 27-inch version will still be on the market within this year. Compared to the previous generation, the new iMac volume is reduced by 40%, and there is no CD-ROM drive, and also it incorporates a new screen technology and integration drive.

Apple declined to comment on this.

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