May 232013

Nokia released the new Asha device in India and the metal Lumia925 in London, today there is news that Nokia’s new flagship EOS will be released on July 9, which is with a 41 million pixel camera.

Previously there are a lot of rumors about Nokia EOS, the media recently said the EOS will be released on July 9, and will be officially listed at the end of July. The EOS still uses polycarbonate material, but thinner than the Lumia 920. The EOS 41 million pixel camera is really attracting, and it’s with a Xenon flash aside. If the machine is officially released, then it will be the second smartphone with 41 megapixel following the 808, which is also the first 41 megapixel smartphone in Windows Phone camp.

Also, according to previous news, the EOS screen size and resolution seems to be exactly the same with the Lumia 925′s (4.5 inches, 1280×768 pixels), and also with the AMOLED panel. In order to protect the 41 megapixel camera, the entire back is with a protective cover.

Nokia’s Pureview camera technology is currently very popular, which also leads the Lumia 920 product sales, it still needs time to test if the launch of the new EOS can stimulate the Nokia sales.

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