Jan 222013

According to media reports, Motorola will launch the X Phone in this year’s Google I/O developer conference, and it will be equipped with the latest Android 5.0 system to become the first model to run the new generation system. However, on the naming of the phone, Google will not continue the previous Nexus series name, but to use the “X” mark which we can often see in the Android system to name the phone.

In addition, the Motorola X Phone will be equipped with a 5.0-inch touch screen and borderless design, it is expected the supporting resolution will reach FHD level, and it will have the new user interface design. According to the disclosed information, the new interface of the mobile will be similar to the style of the Nexus series.

The Android5.0 system equipped on the Motorola X Phone is code-named Key Lime Pie. And seen from the current understanding information, it will not only be likely to bring more smooth experience, but also to set the Chrome as the default browser, and add a new document management functions.

In order to solve the problem of battery life caused by hardware upgrade, the Android5.0 will have the new power management system, and will also bring better security features.

As this year’s Google I/O Developer Conference will be held in San Francisco in May, it is expected that the Motorola X Phone will be also likely to officially debut by then.

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