Jun 192013

According to media reports, the informed sources said, Microsoft will launch Surface RT new models, which will use Qualcomm chips. Informed sources said that part of the new Surface RT will use Qualcomm Snapdragon processor to provide faster wireless data connection. Nvidia’s Tegra chip is used in the current Surface RT models, the company will continue to serve as supplier to provide chips for part of Surface RT.

By adding the world’s largest chip supplier of smart devices in the supply chain, Microsoft will be able to improve the performance of Surface. Surface sales is less than analysts expected, the market research firm IDC data shows that, market share of Windows RT tablet computer system is less than 1% in Q1 of this year, while Apple accounts for 40% share.

Qualcomm is currently dominated the LTE chip market. Microsoft, Qualcomm and Nvidia representatives declined to comment.

Windows RT system is designed specifically for tablet computers, Microsoft hopes to enter the $ 64 billion tablet market ruled by Apple and Google. It is the first system compatible ARM chip, ARM chips have become the standards of smartphones and tablet PCs.

Earlier this month, Microsoft once again reaffirmed its commitment at Computex to add new Outlook e-mail and calendar applications in the Windows RT system, in order to make the system more attractive to business.

Microsoft has also developed Surface models using Intel chips and running full edition Windows 8, which can be compatible with the old Windows programs.

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