Aug 152012

Apple MacBook Pro users have complained that Microsoft Office is actually not able to use in the retina notebook display, and urged Microsoft to upgrade Office for Mac software to support the high-definition display. Microsoft Office for Mac team blog announced on July 25, the Office for Mac is ready for the Mountain Lion. However, after that, the blog appeared Apple notebook users grumbling.

“The entire Office suite looks completely awful,” said a user named James. “Would you let us know that when the Office for Mac will be upgraded to support the retina display?” user called “DCGOWDA”, said, “I recently purchased a configuration retinal display MacBook Pro, but Office for Mac 2011 actually can not be used. ”

Other users callthe Office for Mac behavior in the retina screen MacBook Pro as “very vague”, “junk”, “unclear”. Apple released the new generation retina-screen high-end notebook on June 11.

A comment from the “Office for Mac Team” said, Outlook 2011 supports the retina screen, but did not disclose when Excel, PowerPoint and Word and other Office applications will support the retina screen. “The rest applications have the same viewing quality in non-retinal display ,” the team said, “but unfortunately, we can not yet comment on the future of Excel, PowerPoint and Word update supports the retina screen.

Although some users also asked to improve other aspects of Office for Mac suite, but most want the software to support the retina display.

If the above message is true, Microsoft must solve this problem, because Apple will upgrade all laptops to the retina display, including other MacBook Pro models and the MacBook Air.

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