Dec 032012


According to media reports, RIM released the BlackBerry 10 new prototype Dev Alpha C for developers on Thursday, which is the first BlackBerry 10 device with full QWERTY keyboard design.

RIM said in its official blog, they only distribute Dev Alpha C prototype for developers with a limited number. Only developers who had proved themselves developing the BlackBerry 10 applications can get Dev Alpha C. RIM does have a scoring system to determine which developers have the treatment to get the BlackBerry device in advance, the system will award the maximum scores to the developers who has developed the RIM certification applications previously.

Previously, RIM had released the first Dev Alpha prototype in the annual BlackBerry World developer conference held in the spring this year, and its upgraded version the Dev Alpha B has been released in the fall this year. Both Dev Alpha prototypes are pure touch screen phones, and the release of Dev Alpha C means RIM partially honored the previous commitment that RIM will also introduce the touch screen and full QWERTY keyboard device when release the BlackBerry 10.

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