Jan 302013

According to website GSMArena reports, Nokia will hold a news conference on February 25 at nine o’clock, which is the first day of MWC2013. Since last year, Nokia launched a 41 million-pixel Nokia PureView 808 and Nokia Lumia610 during the show, Nokia news conference is the natural concerned in the period of the exhibition.

According to various media expection, Nokia is most likely to launch the new WP8 system Lumia phone, and it may be Nokia Lumia920 subsequent versions or variant models.

From the currently available data, Nokia mainly has three models worth the waiting, they are the “EOS” codenamed 41 megapixel Lumia phone, the “Catwalk” Nokia Lumia920 subsequent version, as well as the recently leaked “Laser” Nokia Lumia920 Verizon customized version. According to the news disclosed by the Italian Flavio that Nokia will release the “EOS” in MWC2013, which will be a Nokia Lumia920 upgrade version loaded with 41 megapixel camera, PureView the technology and with metal body.

And the prior exposed “Catwalk” is seen as a follow-up version of Nokia Lumia920, and its characteristic is to use aluminum alloy, slimmer and lightweight, but there are no more messages whether it will upgrade the configuration of the camera.

According to the news broken by the websites TheVerge, Nokia will also introduce a Laser codenamed Lumia new flagship product. Nokia Laser will be a variant version of Lumia 920 and the U.S. operator Verizon customized model. It’s unclear what functions this new model will have, but the news that Nokia, Verizon and Microsoft have attached great importance to this Laser Nokia new machine and ready to spend lots of money to promote it.

It’s worth noting that, despite some of the characteristics are close to the “Catwalk”, but TheVerge specially emphasised the two are not the same model, and the release time is completely different. According to them, the Nokia Laser is now ready to be publicly unveiled. So, in the candidate three new machines, this Laser codenamed Nokia Lumia new machine is most likely to be launched on the MWC2013 Assembly.

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