Dec 272012

In October, Razer officially announced that they were doing a “Fiona plan” about high-end Windows 8 gaming tablet. At that time, the Razer asked their fans what functions they want the tablet to have. Now, Razer’s CEO – Min-Liang Tan has revealed the things that they want to change of the tablet – all are there in his personal Facebook page.

On Min-Liang Tan Facebook page, he said that the Razer fans want a Core i5 or i7 processor, and an unnamed GPU that can run PC games, and can withstand the weight of 2 times than the iPad’s. In addition, players also hope that the tablet can be equipped with one (or more) removable controller.

Tan said this tablet will be set between $1299-$1499, which of course is much higher than the prices of the tablets on the market. Tan also said that he would randomly select a lucky who likes or shares his Facebook notice, and then he will send him/her one tablet after its release.

But Razer did not mention the release time of the Windows 8 high-end gaming tablet, perhaps we may see it in CES2013.

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