Jun 232014

Phones are very popular among people. The number of phones used is exceeding the population. At present it is very common to see people use two or three mobiles. The technology and the attractive features of the phones attract everyone to change their phone frequently also.

The world technology in phones has improved the smart phones. The world’s favorite phones are Sony Xperia. Sony Xperia is releasing an updated version of the previous release. The Sony Xperia Z2 was released six months ago. Due to its best technology and attractive features Sony Xperia is the favorite for everyone. The phone is very sleek and thin. It has the camcorder facility which can be operated under the water at least for 30 mins.

The phone with its latest technology can bear the pressure of water .The water proof technology and the high resolution camera made it as the best phone among all. The phone has many other features. It has IP55/58 rating. The phone is resistant to water and the fine dusts.  There are reviews and discussions are available in the world’s best websites such as http://nogentech.org/. Nogen tech has got all the information about the phone.

This phone has several other features such as weightless and large display for the phone. It weighs only 163 g and is having 20.7MP camera which is capable of taking shots or even a live shoot. This movie will be as similar as the fast moving camera in its resolution and the accuracy.

Phone world technology has reached to its peak with this Xperia Z2 as given in http://nogentech.org/. It has the full talk time battery life for 19 hours and standby for 170 hours. The video play back time with the battery is about 10 hours. This exceeds any of the existing mobile phone specifications.

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