Aug 162012

We had known earlier that OLPC is a non-profit organization initiated and organized by the MIT Media Lab, whose purpose is to provide low-cost benefit type of notebook computers for children in developing countries, and has now introduced a variety of models.


According to reports, this new XO-4 Touch combined laptops and the previous XO 3.0 tablet to achieve the effect of multi-function applications. On the hardware, the new XO-4 touch will be equipped with 7.5-inch touch screen and a frequency of 1.2GHz dual-core ARMv7 processor.

According to OLPC introduction, this XO-4 Touch is still in planning, which is expected to be launched at the first quarter of 2013, and the price has not been determined.

Aug 162012

Notebook hard drives are basically using the 2.5 inches specifications, and this hard drive design thickness is 9.5mm, part of the large-capacity 2.5-inch hard disk thickness reaches up to 12.5mm. This thickness level has no problem for an ordinary notebook, but with the advent of ultrabook, the 7mm ultra-thin notebook hard drivers are liked by the manufacturers and users, but it looks that the 7mm is not ultrabook’s best choice. The latest news said that in order to make the ultrabook body thickness and the overall design more in line with its positioning, hard drive manufacturers will upgrade the hard drive for ultrabook, while the thickness of the upgraded 2.5-inch hard drive will reach even more alarming 5mm, this design will gradually accepted by most manufactures. Compared to a 1.8-inch mini notebook hard drive, the performance of the 2.5-inch drives is even better, so the manufacturers tend to use ultra-thin 2.5-inch notebook hard drive rather than the 1.8-inch notebook hard drive, and even the 1.8-inch hard drive is currently mainly based on the thickness of 8mm, which can not be ultrabook ultra-thin design services either, so by contrast, the 2.5 inches 5mm ultra-thin design will be the future ultrabook hard drive’s mainstream design.

Aug 162012

Verizon is now carrying the latest 7″ tablet from Samsung – namely, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. You will be able to pick it up from stores a couple of days from now, where this particular tablet allows you to access Verizon’s 4G LTE network for speedy online connections no matter where you are, as long as there is a relevant signal, of course. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) will merge both power and portability in a single device, where it has Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich as the operating system of choice, in addition to pre-loaded multimedia-rich apps such as Netflix and Samsung’s Media Hub that delivers decent portable entertainment action wherever you are.

Love reading e-books? That is not a problem with the Amazon Kindle app that allows you to “carry” your favorite electronic tomes with you wherever you go, while the Peel Smart Remote app would transform your spanking new tablet into a universal remote right there and then on the spot. Thanks to the Galaxy Tab 2 being a SAFE (Samsung Approved For Enterprise) device that boasts of on-device AES-256 bit encryption, your corporate and personal data in there have an added layer of protection.

Aug 162012

For those who use public transportation, there’s usually an Android app that can cater your needs for maps and schedules. With that in mind, here is one more option that comes directly within Google Maps, which means that it is preloaded with almost all Android smartphones.

What I particularly like with this integration is the street maps and public transport map within the same screen. That’s very useful because you are most likely going to walk around after getting off the public transport. The only thing missing are the station exits maps which are extremely handy when the station is big.

Google Maps supports many mode of transportation: bus, metro, tram, train. That covers pretty most of what most users can find. To make the map more readable, users can opt to show/hide modes that are not needed at any given moment. In some ways, this works well because users can now save maps offline, so when they are underground, everything still works fine. This is something that iOS or Windows Phone users have yet to benefit from.

What do you use for as a public transportation app, and would you try this new Google Map feature?

Aug 152012

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 is a 10.1-inch Tablet PC same with the previous ThinkPad Tablet, the resolution is 1366×768 pixels, with Intel Clover Trail dual-core processor, 2GB RAM, 64GB storage, equipped with Windows 8 system. It has front 2 million pixel and back 8 million dual cameras. Supporting for WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, LTE/HSPA + network. It also supports stylus input and fingerprint recognition, with a docking station with keyboard. The interface consists of the Mini HDMI, USB 2.0, microSD slot etc. Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 is very thin, the thickness is only 9.9mm, and it weighs only 589g, which is also excellent than many 10.1-inch Android Tablet PCs.

Seen from the configuration, this product is indeed very strong enough to compete with Microsoft Surface tablet, expanding the dock combination with the keyboard, it just like a ultrabook, of course, compared to the ultrabook, 10.1 inches screen is small. In addition, the ThinkPad Tablet 2 uses the x86 architecture, but the official claimed that the life time can reach up to 10 hours. However, it seems to be difficult to achieve. From different reports, the Intel Clover Trail platform is close to the performance of the ARM, from a data perspective, the power consumption difference is 10-15%. In addition, the design of the ThinkPad Tablet 2 is very thin, so it can not fit with a bigger battery. Therefore, the insiders believe that its battery life should be less than seven hours.

Aug 152012

Apple MacBook Pro users have complained that Microsoft Office is actually not able to use in the retina notebook display, and urged Microsoft to upgrade Office for Mac software to support the high-definition display. Microsoft Office for Mac team blog announced on July 25, the Office for Mac is ready for the Mountain Lion. However, after that, the blog appeared Apple notebook users grumbling.

“The entire Office suite looks completely awful,” said a user named James. “Would you let us know that when the Office for Mac will be upgraded to support the retina display?” user called “DCGOWDA”, said, “I recently purchased a configuration retinal display MacBook Pro, but Office for Mac 2011 actually can not be used. ”

Other users callthe Office for Mac behavior in the retina screen MacBook Pro as “very vague”, “junk”, “unclear”. Apple released the new generation retina-screen high-end notebook on June 11.

A comment from the “Office for Mac Team” said, Outlook 2011 supports the retina screen, but did not disclose when Excel, PowerPoint and Word and other Office applications will support the retina screen. “The rest applications have the same viewing quality in non-retinal display ,” the team said, “but unfortunately, we can not yet comment on the future of Excel, PowerPoint and Word update supports the retina screen.

Although some users also asked to improve other aspects of Office for Mac suite, but most want the software to support the retina display.

If the above message is true, Microsoft must solve this problem, because Apple will upgrade all laptops to the retina display, including other MacBook Pro models and the MacBook Air.

Aug 152012

Have you read the Asterix comics that had this particular village chieftain who was always scared that the sky would fall on his head? Well, there are plenty of phobias out there in the world, but certainly having the sky fall down on our heads would be one of the least problems to have, with a zombie apocalypse having a far higher chance of happening. Well, a businessman from Yiwu, China, recently came up with his very own recipe for disaster survival – calling it “China’s Noah’s Ark.” At the other side of the doomsday escape pod had this label, “Atlantis” – plumbing new depths, perhaps?
Certainly the doomsday escape pod that you see above is nowhere near the original ark’s dimension as described, but this particular orange ball is said to be shock-proof, water-proof, fire-proof, and radiation-proof. Unveiled at a demonstration which was conducted on August 6th, where it was subject to a battery of abusive tests while the pod’s inventor Yangzong Fu remained inside as a vote of confidence as to the toughness of this escape pod. It measures 4 meters in diameter and tips the scales at 6 tons, where it will come with an asking price of $236,000.

Hopefully it will come with enough room for two so that the human race will be able to procreate and repopulate the earth in case there is an extinction level event.

Aug 152012

It seems that honor among thieves does not include robbing the house of a great American icon, the late Steve Jobs. His home that is located on the 2100 block of Waverley Street in Palo Alto was actually trespassed last month – July 17th, to be exact. It took a fortnight or so for the police to successfully perform an arrest on Kariem McFarlin, the 25-year old male from Alameda, after he stole more than $60,000 worth of “computers and personal items” from Jobs’ home. Just last week, McFarlin was arraigned on one count of residential burglary and selling stolen property.
With a bail of $500,000, it does not seem likely that McFarlin is going to post, and with that, there is the potential sentence of a long jail term amounting to seven years and eight months hanging over his head. No idea on what the stolen property comprised of, as both the police and the District Attorney’s office decided to keep things close to their chest, with McFarlin most probably not know that it was Steve Jobs’ residence that he broke into. It would be ironic if he were listening to tunes on his iPhone or iPod while performing the nasty act. Ah well, at least he is in custody now.

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Aug 142012

For the many of you who have used Twitter, what would you say to a rival service that requires you to pay for it? I suppose it will take a paradigm shift to be able to adapt to such a situation, but before we continue, let us take a closer look at what is all about. Having hit its $500,000 fundraising target, Dalton Caldwell, the person behind, figured out that ordinary folks would be willing to fork out money for an ad-free real-time social networking service, where this widely touted Twitter clone is said to be a virtual place where “users and developers come first, not advertisers”.

The San Francisco-based developer might be on to something here, where around 7,448 people are willing to fork out $50 for the minimum fee required to post to the service, while another 2,010 can pony up a Benjamin to be developers with access to back-end functionality, and another 59 did hand over $1,000 for “pro tier” access that includes phone support and a personal meeting with Caldwell. Are the 10,000 folks who backed this project financially the critical mass required to get off the ground? Perhaps, but as with many other things, only time will tell and we do look forward to’s commercial performance in the real world.

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Aug 142012


When Microsoft launched its Surface tablets, a lot of observers were skeptical about its move, saying that it was a “mistake” to compete with its traditional hardware partners. While perceived as an awkward stance, the Microsoft position is actually not about competing with hardware sales in my opinion. Instead, I think that Microsoft wants to set the bar and make sure that its partners can match or even surpass its own tablet. What Microsoft wants is to make sure that Windows 8 for ARM architecture provides a great experience, and as one would say: if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.
In any case, Dell, Lenovo and Samsung are jumping on the train, and they obviously think that there is room for innovation in that space. Take the Asus Tablet 600 that runs on Windows RT. It is basically a Transformer Prime which runs on Windows 8 RT.

As for the user experience, Microsoft clams battery life of 8 to 13hrs for video playback, and stand by times of 320 to 409 hours. This is consistent with the battery capacity which is 1.5X higher than the iPad 2′s. Also, all the Windows 8 RT tablets that I have seen have a standard resolution, so none of them will be a power hog like Apple’s retina display is (even if it is beautiful!). Yet, I expect to continue seeing cutting-edge hardware from Samsung on the Android platform – for now.

Pretty much anyone can test Windows 8 today by downloading the pre-release version. However, users are very anxious to see how the battery life and overall system performance will be on ARM chips. At the moment, the user interface seems absolutely fluid and all, but still – this is something that can only be tested in the real-world.

How do you think Dell, Lenovo, Asus and Samsung should innovate on Windows 8 RT? Read our first impressions of the ARM-based Microsoft Surface