Sep 032012

The tablet computer was named by the late Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, and applied for a patent. (For details, please consult the “Steve Jobs Biography”), Microsoft also envisaged, after Apple proposed, but due to the hardware level of technology was not yet mature at that time, and the use of the Windows XP operating system is designed for traditional computer which is not for the tablet operation system. Until to 2010, with the emergence of IPAD, the Tablet PC suddenly hot up. The iPad was released by Apple CEO Steve Jobs on January 27, 2010 in San Francisco, which made the IT vendors look re-focus on the Tablet PC. The iPad redefined the Tablet PC concept and design ideas, and achieved great success.

DisplaySearch forecasts as Intel and Microsoft fully support touch, tablet will be the fastest growing product among all the large-size touch products, the global tablet shipments was 79.6 million units last year, a substantial growth to 130 million units this year, next year it will increase to 190 million units, the tablet touch revenue scale  will reach more than $ 3 billion in 2013, which is almost equal to the laptop market size.

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Sep 032012

“Window8″ Hybrid laptops equipped with touch screen function ring new change for the PC market. Hybrid notebook is a multi-function computer which combines the functions of the Smart Pads and notebooks.

On the IFA 2012, Samsung Electronics, HP, Dell, Toshiba, Sony and other major PC and mobile phone manufacturers have launched Window8 products.

Window8 is the Microsoft(MS)’s new operating system(OS), which can support the tablet interface environment and touch-screen. What is different from the past WindowOS is that the Window8 supports touch screen.

Hybrid notebook, also known as “Tap Top” and” Tap Book”, is a product that can be used on different screens, the screen and keyboard can be separated or combined at any time, which can complete the transformation of the computer to the Smart Pad.

Samsung Electronics and HP launched screen separation and docking products, Sony released a slide-on Hybrid notebook at IFA, because they all support touch-screen system, they are  equipped with handwriting function. Compared with the existing mouse, touch screen pen is more easier to operate.

The launching of Hybrid notebook equipped with Window8 will significantly impact on the Ipad monopoly Smart Pad market, most users using the Ipad need to buy keyboards separately, while the Hybrid notebook can solve this problem at one time.

In addition, the Hybrid influence will spread to the mobile phone market. The Window8 used on the Hybrid notebooks is MS’s product integrated all computer environments following desktop computers, notebook PCs, Smart Pad and smart phones.

After entering the era of smart phones, Window8 re-launched by MS which is defeated by Google Android and Apple IOS system will have a significant impact to the existing PC market and mobile phone market. Samsung Electronics released Hybrid notebook and smart phone equipped with Window8 on the Unpack activities organized on the IFA opening eve.

Aug 312012

Market research firm IDC released research report on Thursday, it’s predicted that China will overtake the United States this year to become the world’s largest smartphone market. IDC expects demand for cheap smartphones based on Google Android operating system will increase.

IDC expects the Chinese smartphone market share will rise from 18.3% last year to 26.5% this year in the global market, while the U.S. market share will decline from 21.3% to 17.8%.

IDC said the fierce competition between smartphone vendors prompted the increase of the number of Android phones with a low price of $100 or less, which will help smartphone sales in the Chinese market. IDC expects, mobile operators in the Chinese market will increase sales by providing subsidies. At the same time, the growth rate of the U.S. smartphone market this year is expected to be slowed down, because most mobile phones sold in the U.S. market are smart phones.

IDC expects the UK smartphone market share will be 4.5%, ranked third; Indian share is expected to be 2.5%, ranked fourth, and it will rise to 8.5% in 2016; Brazilian share is expected to be 2.3%, ranked fifth.

Samsung is the largest Android smartphone manufacturers in the global market, so is in the Chinese market, what ranked after it are Huawei, ZTE and Lenovo Group, China’s domestic manufacturers.

Aug 312012

Recently, Lenovo launched three new laptops which are IdeaPad S300\S400\S405. These three new notebook models is thin and portable.


The S300 uses a 13.3-inch screen, while the S400 is with 14-inch screen, the two products are respectively equipped with the latest Intel i3 and i5 processors. The s450 uses the same 14-inch screen, but it’s equipped with AMD’s Trinity processor.


PS: All the photos are from the Internet.

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Aug 312012

August 31 message, according to informed sources, Google CEO Larry Page and Apple CEO Tim Cook has been on secret negotiations about the wide range of intellectual property issues, including the mobile patent dispute.

Google and Apple CEOs had a telephone conversation last week. The negotiations between the low-level executives of the two companies are also underway.

According to informed sources disclosed on Thursday, it is expected that Page and Cook will negotiate again in the coming weeks. The original meeting held on Friday has been postponed. The reasons for the delay are unknown.

Last Friday, a jury decided Samsung would compensate Apple’s loss of $1.05 billion and may prohibit the sale of Samsung’s certain products. It is widely believed that the lawsuit is a “proxy struggle” between Apple and Google.

One possible condition being considered is truce, to eliminate disputes for the basic features and functions in Google Android mobile software. However, it is unclear whether Page and Cook is discussing settlement agreement about the various disputes between the two companies, or focusing of the discussion on the limited issues.

Page and Cook talks last week failed to reach any formal agreement. However, they agreed to continue negotiations. Apple and Google do not want to comment on any negotiations.

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Aug 302012

According to media paperblog reported, recently, 30 trucks loaded with 5-cent coins arrived at Apple headquarters in California. At the beginning, Apple security said that the trucks were parked in the wrong place, a few minutes later, Tim Cook got a call from Samsung president, who says that this is the $1 billion compensation Samsung pays to Apple.

As the compensation agreement did not specify the method of payment, Samsung reserves the right to pay in any way to Apple.

The Apple feels sick to this, they must spend a lot of time to count the money, save money, and hope that there are banks willing to accept this large deposits. Samsung Electronics Chairman Lee Kun-hee told the media, they will not be intimidated by a group of crafty geeks, if you want to play a trick they also know how to play. You can use these coins to buy breakfast, or melt them to make computers. Anyway, this is not my problem, I have complied with legal to compensate to you.

As many as 20 billion 5-cent coins, transportation companies hope this week they can be delivered completely.

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Aug 302012

Industry analysts confirmed that the new generation of iPhone (hereafter called the “iPhone 5″) does not support NFC (near field communication technology) function.

Earlier this week, there were rumors that Apple plans to add NFC chips for the iPhone 5, which means that the iPhone 5 will become a mobile payment device.

This message was originally from the Japanese blog, Macotakara, because they found a four-square component on the panel of the iPhone 5 spy photo, and guessed it is an NFC chip.

But hardware review site AnandTech subsequently published articles, after technical analysis, they got the conclusion that the square formation is not the NFC chip. The conclusion gets support of other people in the industry at the same time.

Therefore, this time the report that the iPhone 5 will support NFC coverage is still just a rumor. In fact, this is not surprising, since the beginning of this year this has been the third time with similar rumors.

Variety of Android phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Nexus are equipped with a NFC chip for the exchange of information between devices, or for the secure mobile payment with the applications such as Google Wallet.

Aug 302012

In the 2012 IFA electronics in Berlin, Germany, Sony released two new Windows 8 devices: the VAIO Duo 11 Tablet PC and Tap20 AIO. The VAIO Duo 11 is the one that we have seen before, but the Tap20 is the machine never heard before. the Vaio Duo 11 uses a 11.6-inch Full HD panel, the specification is very powerful for its size, and it’s equipped with ULV level Core i3/i5/i7 processor, 128/256GB SSD, NFC, GPS and HD resolution cameras on both panels. Sony is expected to launched this product by the end of October, but the price is not given.

The VAIO Tap 20 is another interesting idea, it’s nearly the same with the Lenovo’s A720, both are AIOs that can lie flat, but Sony adds battery to the Tap 20, and a unique adjustable bracket. Of course as an AIO, the 5.2kg weight can not be compared to a notebook, it can be moved like a giant flat from the room to the living room. Tap 20 CPU is the same with the Duo 11′s, the screen is 20-inch with a resolution of 1,600 x 900, the hard disk is the more traditional 750GB/1TB disc drive.


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Aug 292012

Andrew Watson is a graphic artist, who likes to design text, he designed this icon quite icon, to tell us how the Microsoft’s new brand logo is designed: with Apple Myriad Pro and making some adjustments. Actually, the font used by Microsoft is Segoe, because this font is more lovely and more interesting.

The chart Andrew Watson made shows that, you only need to find the Apple Myriad Pro font, use it to write “Microsoft”, the work is almost complete, and then do some details adjustments, shrinking back the feet of the “M”,  stretching “S” and “t”, putting and “t” and “f” together, then the overall turned gray plus on a four-color blocks Windows logo, Microsoft’s new logo was born.

Is the chart Andrew Watson made ridiculous? I think so, because we like the Microsoft’s new logo. Net friends also express different point of views, some say Andrew Watson’s icon is very meaningful, and everyone is copying Apple’s idea, but some other users believe Andrew Watson is doing a meaningless thing, from the first step Microsoft is actual using a different font, as well as some say what Andrew Watson is doing is too funny, almost every flag can do a similar case, and people can always find an easy way to re-create an icon from a flag.

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Aug 292012

As a part of the restructuring plan, Sony plans to stop producing PC CD-ROM drive in March next year. It is understood that, Sony Optiarc will stop production of PC CD-ROM drive, and reduce employees in a factory in Atsugi, Japan, and in Malaysia- at least most of the 390 people.

Sony Optiarc is a joint venture founded in 2006 by Sony and NEC, and two years later it became Sony’s wholly owned subsidiary. Due to weakness in the PC market and facing fierce competition of foreign rivals, Sony Optiarc outstanding achievement has always not been good. Kazuo Hirai, Sony’s new president made a recovery plan in April, which bets the future of the company on the Xperia smart phones and other mobile devices, games and digital imaging business while sets foot in new business including medical devices.

Kazuo Hirai also promised to lay off 10,000 people – accounted for 6% of the total number of employees worldwide, and slashed the cost of the TV business unit. In the past 10 years, Sony TV business unit accumulated losses of approximately $12 billion USD. Earlier this month Sony cut its expected operating profit for this fiscal year, including sales expected on main products such as game master PSP and PS Vita. Since the announcement of the recovery plan, Sony’s stock has shrunk by about 40%.