Oct 082012

News from the technology blog MSNerd that Microsoft is cooperating with Huawei and MediaTek to launch a own brand Surface phone. Currently, Microsoft is recruiting the camera technicists.

Currently, the news has been confirmed by many sides. The news said that, unlike the previous market rumors, Microsoft Surface Mobile is not for the hign-end market, as MediaTek is known as its SOC solutions, which has been widely used in low-end smartphones in China. Similarly, Huawei channels are mainly located in China, where the market is very sensitive to product prices.

Microsoft is current partnership with Nokia, and it said it will not launch its own brand phone, not long ago, Nokia and Microsoft just cooperated and released the Lumia920 and Lumia820 equipped with the WP8 operating system. Through the cooperation with Huawei and MediaTek, that Microsoft launched its own low-end mobile phone will not only meet the needs of more users, but also not it will not become direct competition against Nokia.

Oct 052012

According to media reports, the “Business Week” quoted two anonymous sources saying at local time on Wednesday that Apple is considering no longer using the Intel processors in Mac computers, but this change is clearly not “happen soon”.

“It’s very difficult to change the processor and it will not happen soon. Switching to the other processors will allow Apple desktops and laptops further distinguished from competitors configuring withIntel processor and running Microsoft Windows operating system,” the reports said.

Apple had the idea of giving up Intel processors in the past, but “Business Week” reported that Apple is currently still having such thoughts. Technology blog site AppleInsider  reported in 2010 that Apple had ever discussed with Intel’s main rival AMD about matters of future models of Mac computers changing the latter processor.

In the past, Mac is configured with PowerPC processor developed by IBM, which is a big difference between the Mac and Windows PC. In 2005 Apple announced that all Mac products would be switching to Intel processors, and the transition was completed in August 2006. Since therelease of OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard in 2009, Apple no longer supports PowerPC Mac.

Although Mac is configured with the Intel processor, but Apple’s mobile devices including the iPhone and iPad are not configured with Intel processors. Intel has been vigorously promoting the Atom processor, but tests show that Apple’s self-developed A6 processor performance is better than Atom’s.

If Apple abandons Intel, the AMD will be a possible choice, but Apple has made significant progress in development chips for the iPhone and iPad. Earlier this year, rumors  Apple considered to configure MacBook Series especially the MacBook Air with independently developed ARM-based processor.

The “Business Week” also reported that Apple late CEO Steve Jobs had considered to remove Google search service in iOS, but eventually he and Apple did not do so, as which woulf have a big impact on users.

Oct 052012

According to media reports, Microsoft executives confirmed on Wednesday that the company has begun to develop the next generation Windows 9 operating system.

Microsoft new Windows 8 system will be on sale this month, but the company has started the development of next-generation operating system. Although there is no official news, Microsoft partner technology director James Akrigg has recognized in the United Kingdom Misco Expo 12 exhibition, Windows 9 will be the next major project that the company will release.

When asked about the expectations on Windows 8, Akrigg replied: “Running has no problem, but I can not say that it (Win8) achieves perfect because we have set out to develop Win9.”

Interestingly, sources said that Microsoft is developing a called Windows Blue, a different Windows follow-up system, but it may be the first major upgrade version for the unreleased Win8.

Sep 292012

Samsung Ativ Tab is Samsung’s first Widnows 8 RT tablet, which received many consumers soughting after since the launch, but whether this product will be successful, the price will play a more critical role, but its price has never been publiced. Fortunately, the online retailer of Slovenia enaa announced the price of the Samsung Ativ Tab tablet, it can be seen from the sales page of Ativ Tab that the 32GB version is priced at 650 euros.

The 650 euros has already been a high price, but this price does not include the keyboard and stylus, through Samsung provides the optional keyboard dock. This price is higher than most Android tablets even the iPad, Windows 8 RT can be closer to a complete operating system compared to Android and iOS, but hardware part is basically the same.

The other hand, the price is not confirmed by Samsung, which might just be the seller’s unilateral acts. Windows 8 will soon be available for sale, then we will know if the price is real ot not.

Sep 292012

According to data released on Friday by the mobile industry research firm CCS Insight, Nokia last month has cut the price of Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 15% and 10% down.

The CCS Insight analyst Digantam Gurung said, that Nokia lowered the price of the old version Lumia phone is not surprising, because the next generation Windows smartphones will be on market soon.

Since the Lumia 800 based on the Windows Phone system listed in November last year, its price has fallen by about 25%. The price of Lumia 900 listing in January this year has dropped by 20%.

Nokia officials declined to comment.

Earlier this year, Nokia and its telecom partner AT&T lowered their price after Lumia smartphone listed in market only a few months, caused a strong reaction in the mobile industry. Nokia then explained that the price behavior had long been planned in the company product release strategy.

Nokia on Thursday announced new Lumia smartphone sales plan in the European market, it announced that Lumia 820 and 920 the company has just released earlier this month will land several European markets in November this year,.

Nokia said, Lumia 820 and 920 are priced at 499 euros and 599 euros in Italy, Lumia 920 price in Germany is 649 euros (tax containing carrier subsidies). Lumia 920 price is slightly lower than the iPhone, the latter retail price is about 679 euros in the European market, about the same price in the European market with Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S3.

Sep 282012

Intel announced details of the new chip technology, and it hopes this action will help the company to gain a firm foothold in the tablet market. At the meeting, Intel introduced the new tablet design, which is Windows 8 system-based and with its latest processor. In the past few years, Intel has been talking about the ultrabook, which is thin, deformable in design and using Intel chips. On Thursday’s news conference, what Intel introduced was different, it wants manufacturers to use its Atom chip to produce tablets.

Intel said the new tablet is mainly with Atom Z2760, which is the new name, and its code-named before is Clover Trail. The new processor is also called SoC in the industry, which is short for system-on-chip, including two microprocessor core logic circuits and Hyper-Threading technology supporting.

The system manufacturers can use Intel’s new chip to produce device which is only 1.5pounds weigh and 8.5mm thick. The chip uses a lot of energy-saving technology, so the battery life can reach up to 10 hours. In another mode, that is the connection standby mode, it can be using for 3 weeks at a time.

Erik Reid, general manager of Intel’s Application Processor Division, said: “This SoC energy saving is incredible.”

At the meeting, Intel demonstrated how Microsoft Windows 8 system will run on the new tablet, and also a number of programs designed for the touch interface. Some companies will launch tablets based on the new chip, including Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Samsung, ZTE, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Asus and LG Electronics.

Sep 282012

Recently, there is a great similarity of Windows Phone 8 Nokia and HTC recently released in the appearance, so the two companies may be involved in a new round patent wars due to this problem.

According to reports, Nokia may launch a patent war, as it has expressed dissatisfaction with the matter. Nokia suspected the Windows Phone 8X HTC released copied the Nokia Lumia 820 design. While HTC declined to comment on this patent war which has not yet started. Fred Liu, the HTC engineering operation manager, said he personally believed that the design of the Windows Phone 8X and Lumia 820 does not exist the similarity, which is as some industry observers said. In addition, he also cited Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer words that, Windows Phone 8X is the best intelligent machines with Windows Phone 8 so far produced by intelligent machines suppliers.

Even if similarity exists between these two intelligent machines, but for Nokia, the possibility is very small if they want to sue HTC copy from the design of its intelligent machines, because Nokia WP8 smart publishing date is only half a month earlier than the HTC’s, in order to develop a new type intelligent machine, it takes at least six months or more.

Microsoft as partners as Nokia and HTC at the same time, should have seen the two intelligent machine design before they have not yet entered the market sales, and it should stop one side infringement of the behavior of the other side design. In addition, industry sources said, Microsoft does not want to see the situation in its WP8 cooperation confronting at court.

Sep 282012

According to media reports, Microsoft founder Bill Gates said after using the company latest Windows 8 operating system which is scheduled to launch next month, “Windows 8 is a very exciting product and its release has a vital role for Microsoft. ”

Gates revealed in an interview with the Associated Press on Thursday, he has begun to use Windows 8, and it is very satisfying.

Windows 8 system is the product which Microsoft has made the biggest changes over the past decade on Windows system. The company is trying to continue to maintain its leading position today’s world where mobile devices have begun to fully beyond the PCs through this product.

“Company hardware partners are trying to take advantage of the new features of our products, which is a very important point,” Gates said.

Microsoft previously announced that Windows 8 operating system, as well as the new version Internet Explorer browser will be released on October 26.

Industry insiders estimate that Windows 8 will completely replace Windows 7 in almost all personal computers sold to consumers to become the flagship operating system, this system has had tremendous change in the user-machine interaction. Windows 8 has multiple versions, and in addition to the PCs, it can also run on the tablet PC and smartphone platforms.

Microsoft has become more than just a company who only develops computer operating system, Microsoft’s business scope also includes providing computer services for the enterprise and selling Xbox consoles for the gaming enthusiasts, but the Windows business is always the most important part in Microsoft business segments, and it also occupies Microsoft’s a large part revenue.

In 2011, Microsoft’s Windows and Windows Live department received a total of $19 billion in revenue, accounting for 27% of total revenues of $69.9 billion.

Sep 272012

If you think the 2012 MacBook Pro 18mm thickness is the limit then you really make a mistake. According to news report, the next-generation 2013 version MacBook Pro will be thinner with the help of new process.

It is said Apple is developing a new process, if it’s succeeded, it will be able to reduce 0.15mm of the MacBook Pro thickness. This process will directly affect the thickness of the emitting light keyboard light guide plate(LGP), the thickness of the previous LGP is 0.4mm, the LGP using the new production process will be only 0.25 mm. Perhaps 0.15mm  thickness reduction does not have much impact to the entire MacBook Pro, but the thinner keyboard may reduce the possibillity of leaving marks on the screen.

It’s sure that the thickness of the next year’s MacBook Pro will certainly not have that much drop, but it is clear that Apple is bound to continue research and development new technology to make the various parts thickness to the thinnest, and finally to make MacBook Pro be able to “thin as cicada wing”.

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Sep 272012

According to media reports, technology news site examiner quoted analyst Paul Mueller reporter and said that Apple may be developing a screen aspect ratio of 16:9 iPad prototype.

Muller said he had communicated with three independent sources close to Apple, these three individuals agreed that Apple is developing widescreen iPad, and it will not be the rumored iPad mini, but a full-size next-generation iPad. Mueller also said within the next few weeks he will disclose more news about the widescreen iPad.

In view that the iPhone 5 has already been configured with widescreen display, it will be reasonable for Apple to use widescreen display in the iPad, but this idea is also problematic. The Tech blog site Gizmodo editor Jesus Diaz pointed out that, due to close to the paper, the 4:3 screen aspect ratio is more suitable for most tasks. The 16:9 screen aspect ratio is more suitable for video, but the video is not the most common use for iPad. However, since Apple launched the Airplay Mirroring, if the iPad screen aspect ratio is consistent with the user’s television, there will be a better performance.

The screen aspect ratio changes also face technical challenges, as it will affect the end-user experience. To increase the iPad size is unlike to increase iPhone size which is attractive, because its screen size has reached 10 inches, continuing to increase the size does not match most people’s expectations. Because the Lightning interface required space is less than the 30-pin connector, the feasibility to produce Widescreen is higher, but widescreen display means that the available display area decreases, the user experience will be affected.

Examiner reported that its sources said there is possibility that the Apple is developing the widescreen iPad, but the news can not be confirmed. It is worth noticing that Muller and Diaz have made mistakes in predicting the products of Apple and other companies.