Oct 222012

A few days ago, Google sent an invitation to the media to participate in a press conference held in New York City on October 29. This Google news conference held in San Francisco is on the same day with Microsoft Windows Phone 8 press conference held in other areas in the world. TheNextWeb reports that it has learned all the information of the new products that Google will release on October 29. If this news is true, these new products will give people a deep impression. The report said that information is from the internal video presentation to Google employees.

According to reports, Google will launch the 32GB version of the previously launched Nexus 7 Tablet PC. This Tablet PC is produced by Asus, and it only has two versions that is with the Wi-Fi connection and with the Wi-fi/3G connection. Google will also launch 10-inch tablet. The tablet is code-named “Manta”, the exact name might be Nexus 10.

“Manta” screen resolution is 2560 x 1600, 300 pixels per inch, while the current iPad’s screen resolution is 264 pixels per inch. Google will also launch the LG Nexus 4 smartphones in the news conference, which is equipped with a resolution of 1280 x 768 4.7-inch display, a quad-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 2GB RAM.

The “Manta” Tablet PC and the LG Nexus 4 smartphone will run the Android 4.2 operating system. Some new features in this operating system allow users to access Google Play store downloadable content and allows multiple users to share a tablet pc to allow these people to use their own e-mails and applications from mobile devices.

Oct 192012

Yesterday Samsung started in Korea to pre-sell its Windows 8 products, while Lenovo Yoga folded ultrabook already supports booking in China. Today Toshiba also U.S. pre-sells the new Windows 8 ultrabooks, including (but not limited to) Satellite S, P and L notebooks, U Series ultrabook, Qosmio X875 gaming notebook and All-in-one LX815 and LX835 AIO computers.

If you are in the United States, then you can directly pre-order on Toshiba U.S. website or other large online stores, and you can get it on October 26 in major retail outlets in the United States.

Oct 192012

According to media reports, the 20-year-old Nicholas Allegra is a student at Brown University, was also a hacker on the jailbreak community JailBreakMe website, last year he was employed by Apple. This employment relationship ended at the end of last week.

Allegra had a pseudonym Comex and he regularly published security vulnerability of Apple’s iOS software in JailBreakMe. JailBreakMe simplified the process to delete the Apple-installed protection features from the iPhone. Apple hired Alegra in August 2011 as a remote intern, but last week, Apple ended the employment relationship with Allegra.

“As of last week, after working for Apple for about a year, I no longer have an employment relationship with them,” Allegra said on Twitter: “As for why, because I forgot to reply to an e-mail.”

Allegra said in an interview with Forbes, it is an email to extend the employment, Apple would like to ask him to continue as the remote intern. As forgetting to reply the email, and he now has no chance.

“I am also not very pleased, but I do not want to make up, “he told Forbes and said: “So, so be it.”

The hacker now is very popular with high-tech companies. The hacker Charlie Miller famous for cracking the iPhone and MacBook Air was hired by Twitter last month. And the famous PlayStation 3 hacker George Hotz was on short-term appointment with Facebook last year.

Oct 192012

It is understood that the new version Chromebook is equipped with Samsung own A15 architecture Exynos 5 dual-core processor, built-in 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM, it is also equipped with a USB 3.0 interface. It’s with a 11.6-inch screen, the whole thickness is 2cm, and weighs about 1.1 kilograms, the start-up time needs only 10 seconds. This dubbed Chromebook product blurs the bounds between notebook and tablet PCs.

On 2011 Google I/O developer conference in May last year, Google announced the highly anticipated Chromebook laptop, however, on the occasion of the launch of Chromebook laptop, Google is not the holder of the relevant domain name ChromeBook.com. It is understood that the holder of the domain name ChromeBook.com displayed as “PrivacyProtect.org”, and the registered time is January 2011. In addition, another plural domain name ChromeBooks.com is not with Google holder, holders is temporarily unclear. Nos, both domain names ChromeBook.com ChromeBooks.com belong to Google, which should be gained by acquisition.

The notebook with Chrome OS is mainly used in Internet applications, the company hopes to promote the software market transition to cloud computing. Google will not take profit from the sales of this type equipments, only to gain income when the user uses Google services through the devices.

Oct 182012

There is just a week more time from the official release of Windows 8 system, there are many ways to buy or upgrade Windows 8. Of course, we all want to get this latest Windows system with the least money. yesterday, there were a lot of media reported on the news that Windows 8 booking occupying the top of the Amazon software sales. Microsoft has announced the required cost of the system upgrade. The cost of Windows 8 software booking on Amazon.com is $ 69.99, but Amazon provides consumers purchasing the upgrade services a $30 promotional card which can purchase any product in the website. Thus to offset this promotional card, the Windows 8 price is $ 39.99.

Seen from the sales status, the market has a large demand on the new Windows operating system, and this consumption voucher promotion strategy also greatly stimulates consumption. Actually in the price information given by the official, DVD boxed version upgrade promotional price is $69.99, and this promotion seems to have a deadline, for those who are already in the use of genuine Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, the online upgrade price is $ 39.99.

Related different Windows 8 system products price are as follows:
Windows 8 (Full Version) – $ 99.99
Windows 8 Professional (Full Version) – $ 139.99
Windows 8 Pro Pack (product key only) – $ 69.99
Windows 8 Professional Upgrade – $ 69.99

Oct 182012

According to media reports, online advertising network Chitika said various models iPhone accounted for nearly half of the smartphone Web traffic, the iPhone 5 accounted for 3% and the other models iPhone accounted for about 43%.

In contrast, Samsung’s products accounted for 17% of the smartphone Web traffic, among which the Galaxy S3 accounted for 2%.

Chitika said earlier this month, the Web traffic iPhone 5 generated has exceeded the Galaxy S3.

Chitika today’s data shows that the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 Web traffic has exceeded all BlackBerry phones, the BlackBerry smartphone accounted for 2% in all smartphone Web traffic. Windows Phone accounted for 1% in all smartphone Web traffic.

Apple and Samsung basically control the smart phone market, the two companies are in fierce competition and try to expand their own advantage, RIM, Microsoft and other Android handset makers are just competing for the third place.

Chitika’s data also shows that other Android phone except Samsung accounted for 34% in the smartphone Web traffic.

Oct 182012

Although there are many versions rumors, but that Microsoft yesterday disclosed the price of its own brand first Tablet PC Surface shocked the industry, as its 16G, 32G, 64G price is exactly the same with Apple’s latest generation equivalent version ipad. Different from Apple’s indifference to the Chinese mainland market, Surface chose to launch first in the Chinese mainland market, Suning becomes Microsoft Surface exclusive online sales platform in China.

Industry was originally expected that Microsoft will unveiled the price of the Surface officially on October 26 same day as Windows 8′s, but Microsoft disclosed the price of the Surface in advance, and also announced the Surface pre-installed the Windows RT version began a limited pre-order, the industry thoufgt that the software giant which has always been quite satisfactory also began to pay attention to the marketing strategy.

Its Surface pre-installed Windows RT sales price is exactly the same with wifi version Apple new ipad price released in March of this year in the U.S. market, including 16G, 32G , 64G are separately $499, $599 and $699, lower than the minimum price the industry had expected.

Oct 172012

According to media reports, the sources revealed to the media on Tuesday that Best Buy would also launch its own-produced Tablet PC, and it is expected that this tablet will be on sale on November 11.

The source said that Best Buy self-developed Tablet PC is also based on the Android operating system, code-named “Insignia Flex”. Currently, Best Buy is planning to set the selling price of the product between $239 and $259.

This tablet computer will compete with Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle.

Actually, later last week, Best Buy has shared related messages on its Facebook page.

The source said that the Tablet PC will be on sale on November 11, but only available in the Best Buy store. This tablet PC is configured with 1GHz dual-core processor, 9.7-inch display, and the battery life is approximately 10 hours.

However, the technology blog Businessinsider does not seem to be optimistic about Best Buy Tablet PC market prospects. The blog author said, producting the Tablet PC has become the trend at the moment, many companies are entering the field of Tablet PCs, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Toys R Us, Google, Apple and Microsoft. Of course, Apple is still the leader of the tablet market, Google, Microsoft and Amazon are fighting for the second place.

Businessinsider article also said, Best Buy didn’t make enough effort in the field of Tablet PC, for a long time it also lost a lot of customers, thus the company also needs to try some new products in order to seek new channels to find customers. Nevertheless, Businessinsider article believes that the Best buy Tablet PC’s success probability may be zero, the reason is that the product not only lacks of calculation experience like Apple or Microsoft’s, but also lacks of Google’s software experience. In addition, Best Buy store is unlike the Amazon, which has strong release capacity

Oct 172012

As we all know Google is developing new version Google Maps for the iOS 6, iOS has been pre-installed Google Maps since the first generation iPhone was released in 2007, until iOS 6 release, Apple replace Google Map with its own map.

Now through the developer benguid we got the first screenshot of the iOS 6 version Google Maps, and benguid said due to using vector-based map design, iOS version Google Maps is very smooth.

The iOS 6 version Google Maps supports two-finger rotation, the map can be rotated to any angle, and it can be perfectly adapted with the 4-inch big-screen on the iPhone 5. The above screenshot is shot from the early alpha version.

At present we do not know when Google will releas this Google Maps specially developed for iOS 6, but we will be the first time to follow up when obtain accurate news.

Oct 172012

The latest news from the Chinese Forum WeiPhone that the Apple is authorized to produce a thinner iMac AIO desktop computer.

This iMac has brand new industrial design, which is not only slimmer, but also with a similar drop-type curved design, completely different from the current four-square design and the thickness almost can not be seen from the side. The process is also very special, it uses a special glue to stick the screen on the panel and affix with a special glass on the surface, which looks very beautiful.

The message also said that Apple will be the fastest to officially announce this product in the conference held this month, the price is increased compared to the previous products.