Nov 072012

Recently, the Jolla company, founded basedon previous Nokia R&D team, announced to officially launch new version MeeGo system on Slush Technology Exhibition that will be held in Helsinki, Finland on November 21, the new version MeeGo system is code-named “Sailfsh”.

The Jolla invitation letters said, the company is planned tohold the new version MeeGo the system – Sailfish OS conference on November 21 in Helsinki, Finland, the conference will be promoted with the help of the Nordic and Russian regions largest technology exhibition Slush.

It is understood that, Jolla future will firstly promote the Sailfish OS phone products and Tablet PCs in the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong market. The first Sailfish OS device  will be released in December, and then to be listed on the market in Europe and China successively.

The MeeGo operating system was launched by Nokia, Intel and other companies in early 2010, now it’s virtually a abandoned operating system by Nokia, Nokia is building the open source operating system for smart phones, and stopped the efforts and measures on MeeGo operating system..

Jolla has a number of former Nokia R&D team employees, and has been based on the MeeGo operating system deprecated by Nokia, absorbs this system user experience, to create its own operating system, in order to be able to support a variety of different types devices. The current R&D work has been able to let Jolla show the level of the user interface, as well as to demonstrate its difference from the current level mobile user interface.

The Slush exhibition creator Peter Vesterbacka said: “Slush has developed into the Nordic region’s largest corporate activities center. We are very pleased to see the popular innovative enterprises such as Jolla to use Slush as their major release activities place. “

Nov 062012

 According to media reports, the hacker organization Anonymous declared, on Nov. 5, the global protest day, they disclosed some secret user information, including PayPal’s 28,000 account passwords. Anonymous said all these passwords are stolen from the attacked PayPal server.

Anonymous posted attacking PayPal server message by multiple Twitter accounts, and said that through these attacks the also stole some PayPal users’ private files, including e-mails, user names, and payment service database passwords.

But the latest news showed, PayPal PR department officials responded via Twitter and said the company is investigating the Anonymous’ above Declaration, but so far, PayPal has yet found any evidence of violation safety.

As early as the beginning of this year, Anonymous boasted, they would launch another protest on November 5 this year, one of which is to launch cyber attacks.

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Nov 062012

In the past few months, we have seen numerous Android system Tablet PCs appeared in the market with a variety of different sizes, 7 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches, and so on. Many people believe that the 10-inch Android Series is able to compete with the ipad, but so far most of these products have a lot of defects, Google Nexus 10 is likely to break the status, but why Google consumes so long time to launch their own 10-inch tablet PC? After all, we’ve seen a lot of brands such as Asus, Samsung, Acer, Motorola have launched similar products. Google Android, director of business development John Lagerling said on the New York Times interview,: “The past 10-inch tablet computers have price too high, and other inadequate, we need to observe what we can do.”

Nexus 10 is one of the most powerful Android Tablet PCs so far, and it has purest Android system experience, if it is to succeed, it is not surprising, how do you think?

Nov 062012

A federal judge in Madison, Wisconsin, United States on Monday withdrew a lawsuit by Apple, in which Apple accused Google’s Motorola mobile charge unreasonably high prices for the use of wireless technology patent license fee.

This lawsuit is part of the legal fight between Apple and Google worldwide. This summer, Google acquired Motorola Mobility and controlled its patents and used these patents to rival with Apple in court struggle.

Apple said in this litigation raised last year, Motorola required to receive royalties of 2.25% of the sales price of each device that used its patented technology. This fee is too high. The controversial devices include the iPhone and iPod Touch.

When Wi-Fi and cellular technology patents become part of the industry standard, the standard-setting organizations required Motorola obliged to license these technologies to provide a “reasonable” fee. However, there are a variety of answers to something that constitutes a “reasonable” charge.

The western Wisconsin District Court Judge Barbara Crabb does not provide grounds to revoke this litigation.

Motorola spokesman said the company is satisfied with the judge quashed the case. Motorola still has interest to reach an agreement with Apple.

Apple representatives did not immediately respond to comment on this message.

Nov 052012

It is said that the computing speed of the fourth generation iPadbased on the A6X chip in dealing with a pure digital computing is about twice than the previous generation iPad, the graphics processing performance is also very good.

News that the new Tablet PC uses the quad-core PowerVR SGX554MP4 graphics processor, in theory, the processing speed is twice of the A5X based 543MP4 graphics processor, but its 3D performance actual performance relates to the theoretical processing speed but not absolute.

In the GLBenchmark run sub-test, the fourth-generation iPad ranked top, before when it was rumored Samsung would use a new chip architecture to produce Nexus, it’s generally considered the Nexus 10 will have a qualitative leap in the image processing speed, but the test result is not ideal. The Mail-T604 graphics processor Nexus 10 used got less score than the fourth generation iPad.

If only consider the game as well as the corresponding speed, regardless of its price, the fourth-generation iPad is slightly better than the Nexus 10.

Nov 052012

According to media reports, the security firm Kaspersky has released the report of the “IT threats change” of the third quarter. As usual, some of the conclusions in the report are concerning, of which the most concerning is none of Microsoft’s product is in the 10 most vulnerable products list, which is mainly due to Microsoft introduced in the auto-update mechanism in the most recent version Windows operating system to improve the safety performance of the product.

The top 10 most vulnerable products Kaspersky released includes Oracle’s Java, Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader/Acrobat, Apple QuickTime, Apple iTunes, Winamp, Adobe Shockwave Player and Adobe Flash player, etc..

Details as follows:

1, Oracle Java Multiple Vulnerabilities, the degree of risk: high risk;

2, Oracle Java Three Vulnerabilities, the degree of risk: extremely dangerous;

3, Adobe Flash Player Multiple Vulnerabilities, the degree of risk: high risk;

4, Adobe Flash Player Multiple Vulnerabilities, the degree of risk: high risk;

Adobe Reader / Acrobat Multiple Vulnerabilities degree of risk: extremely dangerous;

6, Apple QuickTime Multiple Vulnerabilities, the degree of risk: high risk;

7, Apple iTunes Multiple Vulnerabilities, degree of risk: high risk;

8, Winamp AVI / IT File Processing Vulnerabilities, degree of risk: high risk;

9, Adobe Shockwave Player Multiple Vulnerabilities, degree of risk: high risk;

10, Adobe Flash Player Multiple Vulnerabilities, the degree of danger: extremely dangerous.

The above ranking is based on the products user proportion.

A few years ago, Microsoft’s products have been in this list. However, since the release of Windows Vista, Microsoft’s product safety performance has been significantly improved. Windows 7 and Windows 8 forward a step on the basis of the Windows Vista and further enhance the safety of products. However, due to the large market share, Windows is still the main target of hacker attacks, such as Windows 8 was exposed to have zero-day bug.

In addition, Kaspersky report also provides some important data:

1,28% attacked mobile devices are running the Android 2.3.6 operating system, which was released in September 2011;

2, in the third quarter of this year, 56% sniffing attacks exploit vulnerabilities of Java;

3, in the third quarter of this year, the total number of URLs with malicious code is 91.9 million, an increase of 3% than the second quarter.

Among which the second list deserves concerning, which is why unless users must use it, or should not install Java.

Nov 022012

According to media reports, the U.S. cross-platform media center solution provider Boxee planned to sell a new generation of set-top boxes with DVR functionality at Wal-Mart stores on Thursday and sells for $99. The consumers can also purchase directly on the Boxee website. The most important feature of this product is that users can use Boxee cloud services, which can have the recorded TV programs stored in the Boxee server.

It is reported that the new Boxee TV set-top box has DVR recording function, the monthly fee to use the Boxee cloud storage service is $15. Boxee said, the first batch DVR cloud services are free for three months, thereafter at a preferential price of $9.9 per month. In addition, for the old and new users, Boxee also gives three months free service of Netflix network TV, and also a gift certificate of $ 5.99 per person for VUDU video store users.

The new Boxee TV replaced hundreds of old-fashioned Boxee applications with the current popular streaming video services, including Pandora, Spotify, Netflix, VUDU, “Wall Street Journal” and Cloudee etc.. For users who are not familiar with the Boxee TV set-top boxes, the device operation is very similar with the Apple TV and Roku streaming TV set-top boxes. In addition, users can watch regular cable channels through the device.

In the initial stage, the Boxee TV DVR cloud storage feature is only available in a number of cities in the United States. After users recording TV programs and storing to Boxee server, these programs will not only be played again on the Boxee TV, but also can play on laptops, iPad, iPhone mobile phones, Android phones and other mobile devices.

The industry believes that, for users who have not yet installed cables, the Boxee TV might be very attractive. Boxee DVR cloud storage service cost is almost the same with the user paid to Time Warner Cable or Comcast record a program cost, but the Boxee TV’s user interface is much better, at the same time, the device has integrated a variety of popular streaming video services together.

But for existing cable TV users, if they want to seek a DVR equipment alternatives, then the Boxee device may not be a good choice. The Boxee TV can not record programs such as AMC, ESPN and other pay-TV channels. But in any case, Boxee TV is an excellent equipment used to watch Netflix and other streaming video show.

Nov 022012

According to media reports, Apple’s new iOS devices sales is more impressive in shopping season, which involves at least four new products: the iPhone5, the fifth-generation iPod Touch, fourth-generation iPod Touch and iPad Mini.

In the past, there is a huge gap between the 3.5-inch Touch and the 9.7-inch iPad. Now the screen size involves four inches, 7.9 inches and 9.7 inches.

iPad Mini


It’s price is from $329, with a memory of 16GB (Wi-Fi version), the 4G LTE version is $130 higher than the regular edition.

Advantages: the right size; as portable as Kindle; fully compatible with all iPad and iPhone applications; good battery life; fairly low price.

Disadvantages: This is the only new iOS device without Retina Display, whose speed is not as faster as the updated and larger iPad.

Who should buy the iPad Mini? Obviously those who want to save money, because the cost of the equipment is less than the fourth-generation iPad. If you do not mind to have Retina Display, or are considering a second-generation iPad, or if you have children, or if you often take a commuter car, then the device is a good choice for you.

The fourth-generation iPad


Sales price is from $499, 16GB memory (Wi-Fi version), LTE version is also $130 higher than the regular version.

Advantages: fast speed; beautiful Retina Display and impressive game graphics.

Disadvantages: heavier; larger (relatively speaking), nearly the same with the previous generation iPad.

If you’ve never owned iPad, then the fourth-generation iPad is a good choice. This is an excellent portable device, a Tablet PC which is an easy to read and watch, also can become a “game machine”, in short, it is a multi-functional device. However, if you have a third-generation iPad, then there is no need to buy the fourth-generation iPad.

Recommended storage: Given the size of many high-definition video and gaming, 32GB or more memory.

Fifth-generation iPod Touch

Starting at $299, 32GB memory (Wi-Fi Edition), no LTE version.

Advantages: 4-inch Retina Display; camera with LED flash; good battery life, similar to the iPhone’s functions; 32GB memory; slim and small.

Disadvantages: speed not as fast as iPhone 5, no LTE version.

Who should buy the fourth-generation iPad? The iPhone users do not need to buy. It’s for those who are music lovers, like ultra-portable devices, large screens, large storage space, and want to buy the cheapest iOS devices. The device can be used as electronic readers and web browsers, but not as versatility as the iPad.

Recommended storage: If you want to play games or watching video, 32GB can. If used as a video camera, you need to 64GB.

To sum up: If you’re a Windows user, curious about the iOS, if you have a MacBook Air and iPhone, or if you want to use the best e-reader on the go, and then you can select the iPad Mini. If you already have an iPad, then also buy the iPad Mini. If you value speed and performance, or if you have a desktop and want a laptop, or you want to buy the first iPad and want to buy the best, you can select the fourth-generation iPad. If you want to save money, then select iPad Mini or consider the iPod Touch. If you are a melomania, but don’t have the iPhone, consider to buy the iPod Touch. If you only use for music, video and photo, considere the fourth-generation iPod Touch. If you want the best camera,  or you have a smart phone then buy the iPod Touch. If you want the Retina Display, but do not want to pay a lot of money, then you can consider the used third-generation iPad.

Nov 012012

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said on Microsoft Build Conference that after Windows 8 officially listed in the past four days, the company sold 400 million units to individual consumers. The industry believes that, it is a good start in four days time for Microsoft sold 400 million units Windows 8, but they still need to work hard for to reach the expected 400 million units.

Ballmer said he was very excited to completely reconstruct the Windows, and said the most important several activities in his career in Microsoft are: IBM PC release, Windows 95 release, as well as Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Surface publishing. In this meeting, Ballmer also demonstrated new features of Windows 8 in a new generation hardware, including the search function in the sidebar; in addition, as long as using the Microsoft account and SkyDrive, you can also automatically have the roaming settings between different devices. At the meeting, Ballmer changed the lock screen wallpaper on one device, then the other computer also automatically updated the wallpaper. In addition, Samsung, HTC and Nokia mobile phone with Microsoft operating system can also automatically achieve this functionality.

Mountain Lion, Apple’s latest version OS X operating system, sold 300 million units after listing four days, accounting for 5% among Apple’s 60 million units Mac. In contrast, the Microsoft Windows system currently installed capacity is about 1.25 billion, which means that 400 million units of Windows 8 only accounted 0.3%. In addition, a year after the listing of Windows 7, its sales is about 175 million sets, while Windows Phone 8 has not occupied the main position in the smartphone market.

Nov 012012

According to media reports, Apple disclosed in the 10-K file handed to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, in the 2012 fiscal year, the company’s investment in research and development is $ 3.4 billion, about $ 1 billion more than the 2011 fiscal year, an increase of 34%. Apple also disclosed in the 2012 fiscal year the number of employees increased by about 12,400.

Apple’s 2012 fiscal year, R&D investment growth is impressive, because the R&D investment growth is far more than Apple ever had before. For example, in the 2011 fiscal year, Apple’s R&D investment growth was $ 600,000, and $ 500,000 in fiscal year 2010. The substantial growth of Apple’s R&D investment may be related to a number of factors.

Firstly, Apple introduced the A6 chip, which is Apple’s first fully independent design chips, and need to invest a lot of time and resources. Secondly, Apple introduced the 13-inch and 15-inch Retina Display MacBook Pro and iPad mini and iPhone 5 this year, whose development work could have started before the 2012 fiscal year, but it will certainly have a significant impact to R&D investment increase of $ 1 billion in fiscal year 2012. In addition, although lighter and thinner, iPad mini battery life is nearly the same with the iPad, which surely means daunting challenges.

Substantial growth of R&D investment in 2012 fiscal year may also mean that Apple will introduce more new products next year.