Nov 202012

According to media reports, earlier this month eBay launched a new block on its website to sell Apple Certified refurbished products, including a large number of iPad, MacBook and iPod touch.

The latest launched Apple Certified refurbished products currently listed on eBay include: MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iPad and iPod touch. According to eBay, every product has has quality inspection same with Apple’s own online store sales of refurbished products, and the warranty is one year. In addition, all iPad and iPod are equipped with a brand new battery.

For example, an Apple Certified third generation version WiFi iPad (32GB) sales price is $469 on the eBay Apple Certified refurbished products site. And a 15 inches MacBook Pro with 2.4GHz processor, 4GB RAM and 750G hard disk sales price is $1699.

EBay recently cooperated with AppleInsider and developed an apple product auction network application, to provide the reader with a smooth apple products auction site view, the readers can also filter products with the provided advanced control function according to the model, production year, prices and other parameters.

Nov 202012

According to media reports, it’s near to Apple’s original plan to launch the newly designed 21.5 ‘and 27′ iMac Apple Computer in November and December this year. However, a report from the French website Macbidoulille said the new 21.5 ‘and 27′ iMac Sale Scheme would be delayed until 2013, just message in yesterday’s post. But the 9to5mac denied the news and said the new version iMac will soon be listed in the scheduled time.

A message of the media 9to5mac said that the 21.5 ‘iMac products have actually shipped quietly in the United States and several other countries, and it is expected before the end of this month, the new 21.5′ iMac computer will be available on the Apple online store order and also in Apple retail stores.

And the 27′ version will be scheduled in December to meet with consumers, the 9to5mac insiders said, this high-end iMac is very likely to accept order at the same time with the 21.5′ iMac at the Apple online store. 9to5mac also said that the new version iMac is likely to have shortage situation, Apple CEO Tim Cook was to say: “For the iMac, I am afraid that we will be forced to do a lot of work, time is very tight for manufacturing equipment, I certainly hope that user’s needs on the iMac is very tight, but we are likely to face with a serious shortage. ”

Overall, the 21.5 ‘and 27′ iMac equipment should be or will be in accordance with Apple’s plans to be listed in November and December, not as other media said to be postponed to next year.

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Nov 192012

The French website MacBidouille recently quoted anonymous sources said Apple might slightly postpone the listing date of the new AIO iMac.

It’s reported that, due to the manufacturing process of the new iMac is too complex, it may cause Apple to miss the sales season at the end of the year. The new iMac has a slimmer and higher strength body, the main production difficulties is the use of friction stir welding technology, two blocks aluminum body molecular seamlessly welded together through the high temperature and pressure process.

Sources said, the 21.5-inch version shipment will be postponed until next month, and the 27-inch version will still be on the market within this year. Compared to the previous generation, the new iMac volume is reduced by 40%, and there is no CD-ROM drive, and also it incorporates a new screen technology and integration drive.

Apple declined to comment on this.

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Nov 192012

In recent days, two Nokia PowerPoint presentations have been leaked, one of which exposured by presentation is up to 25 pages. It shows that there is an overlap between the WP 7.x and WP 8 timetable. We have been very familiar with “Mango → Tango → WP 7.8″ process, but the strange thing is that a text box followed 7.8, which says “WP 7.x.

Microsoft may not update WP 7.8 to WP 7.x, but why Nokia added a text box after WP 7.8?

WP 7.8 launch time is after WP 8, which we already know, but this is the first time that it will be launched before the first update of WP 8. The Windows Phone 8 updates is with plural, which may mean WP8 has a longer life cycle, to have a number of general update in the next few years, or numerous small update in the next few months.

Microsoft will use the OTA (over-the-air) to offer a variety of small patches and complete the OS update. It is also one reason why the many smartphone users are optimistic about WP8. But it is hard to say if the facts will be like that, especially after the intervention of the operators.

The WP Russian official Twitter page said Microsoft support for WP 7.8 is up to 18 months, which will continue to mid-2014. But no matter how it will be updated it can not be compared with WP 8, WP 8 can support multi-core processor, a microSD slot (on some models), and also can accept the OTA update and supports the NFC, which the WP 7 can not do.

Nov 162012

According to foreign media reports, an orchestrated iPad thefts occurred in the Kennedy International Airport in New York this Monday, $1.5 million valued iPad miniswere stolen.

It is reported that the criminals hasty escaped because an airport worker found them, althrough the criminals left 3 boxes iPad mini, they still took 2 boxes iPad mini, which is about 3600 units iPad, valued at approximately $ 1.5 million.

As of last night, the criminals are still at large. It is doubted some insiders helped in this case, according to some informers, criminals can easily get in and out place safeguard the iPad, there were certainly insiders help.

The case might affect the New York area’s iPad supply, the New York area consumers may be more difficult to buy iPad mini than consumers in other regions.

Nov 162012

Sony in Japan released some peripherals for their 2012 autumn and winter new products, including several keyboards and mouses for the VAIO brand.

The keyboards and mouses just released are produced for the Sony VAIO series notebook computers and ultrabook, a major feature of these new keyboard is that they can be mounted directly to a laptop or ultrabook, of course, the job of changing the laptop keyboards can not be done by man people, so those who have this need can bring their own laptops and new keyboards to Sony’s customer service center professionals to help, which not only can optimize the appearance of the device, the touch will also be very good.

As to the mouse, the just released new products are connected to the host via Bluetooth, and it’s designed three buttons including a scroll wheel, the colorful front panel can be replaced.

To purchased separately, the price of the keyboard is $37, mouse price is $72, but the set price is $96.

Nov 162012

In 1981, Osborne 1, the world’s recognized first notebook computer was exhibited in West Coast Computer Fair for the first time. It has 64K bytes memory, a 5-inch screen, 5.25-inch floppy drive, it is worth mentioning that it weighs 24 pounds and it was priced at $1,795.

Osborne 1 has built-in 5 black and white monitors, uses Zilog Inc. Z80A processor, 64K bytes memory, 4K bytes ROM and also 5.25″ floppy disk drive, IEEE-488 interface, RS-232C interface, Modem interface and detachable full-size keyboard.

In April 1981, Osborne invented the world’s first laptop computer, the one who leaded the research and development was the Osborne company’s founder Adam Osborne, who had worked as a reporter, and later abandoned the reporter for a supplier. Once upon a time, Osborne was considered same figure as Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Apple founder Steve Jobs. Osborne computer company was also the fastest growing company in Silicon Valley history. However, because the concept was too advanced, the company disintegrated in business less than 30 months. Osborne made a lot of false promises on technology, and the announced release date of the product was also at a far distant date, now the industry  calls the situation as “Osborne effect”.

Nov 152012

Android experts have turned their attention to the Samsung Galaxy Camera that recently announced code, and tried to hack its system to let it become a real phone.

Samsung officially published the Galaxy Camera source code on Samsung’s source code a few days ago before its release in the United States, and it’s labeled as phone EK-GC100, which runs Android 4.1 system (jelly beans). Galaxy Camera has no call module, but it can be connected to 3G/4G or WiFi network, and then run softwares like Skype through speaker and microphone, which has blurred the line between the cameras and mobile phones.

In the XDA Developer Forum, Android hackers and developers want to change this 16 million-pixel camera into a full-featured mobile phone. They have reached a general consensus, to change the Galaxy Camera into a phone which can make calls via 3G/4G or WiFi, it’s just a matter of time, although no one has announced the success.

If possible, will you use an Android camera to make phone calls?

Nov 152012

A few days ago, we have reported that Microsoft decided the graphics software DirectX 11.1 is exclusive for Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows Server 2012, and there are no plans to make it available on Windows 7, but it seems that now Microsoft has changed its idea, according to the latest Windows and DirectX blog, it will soon release Windows 7 DirectX 11.1 same as the IE10.

The blog said in the future they will add DirectX 11.1 on Windows 7 platform and does not include Windows Server 2008 R2:

At the same tine the blog also said these new features will also be applied on Windows 7 platform, but still part of the functions are exclusive for Windows 8 system.

Nov 152012

According to media reports and the supply chain manufacturers in Taiwan, although the development of the global notebook PC market in 2012 did not go well, but both Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo laptop shipments goals are 40 million units for next year, the corresponding growth rates are 25% and 33.3% -37.9%.

Due to the economy of the United States and Europe have been no signs of recovery, the market demand for Windows 8 laptops can not be substantial growth in the short term, because the consumers need some time to become familiar with the new operating system, the industry analysts do not agree Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo’s prediction, they believe the two manufacturers are too optimistic about laptop sales of next year.

In addition to the other manufacturers, Samsung Electronics made next year notebook shipment target as 17 million units, the tablet shipments target is 40 million units, compared with shipments in 2012, the corresponding growth rates are 21.4% and 300%. Contrast, Toshiba and Acer shipments targets are more reliable, which is only 20 million units and 28 million units, the corresponding growth rates are 25% and 7.7% compared to 2012 shipments.