Dec 262012

According to media reports, LG has announced that it will display and launch two latest Google TV at CES 2013 exhibition at the beginning of next year.

It is understood that these two Google TV are GA7900 (47/55 inch) and GA6400 (42/50/60 inch), and they are both with the movement remote control with a QWERTY physical keyboard, which will integrate an identify natural voice commands mic.

The official sources that these two Google TV products have brand new thickness and will be both lighter and thinner.

In addition, the difference of these two Google TV is that the high configuration version GA7900 will be equipped with advanced local dimming technology edge-lit LED with a refresh rate of 240Hz. While the GA6400 uses the ordinary edge-lit LED, the refresh rate is only 120Hz.

Dec 262012

HP launched a new generation entry-level business notebook – HP 455 to open a new era of enterprise mobile office. HP 455 is with AMD dual-core processor, AMD Radeon HD 7310M graphics card, 14-inch diagonal LED-backlit HD bright display with BrightView function.

The new HP 455 business notebook continues HP business notebooks strong and durable exterior design, the body uses matt black polishing process, which looks more professional. It’s with AMD dual-core processor, 2GB DDR3 memory, AMD Radeon HD 7310M graphics card and 320GB SATA hard drive, three USB 2.0 ports and an HDMI port to fully meet enterprise-class applications.

HP 455 has a 6-cell battery, which has an up to 5 hours life time. HP Fast Charge technology makes this business notebook quickly filled with 90% power in 90 minutes. Meanwhile, with the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WLAN technology, whether in the office or on a business trip, you can always surf the Internet, send and receive e-mail anytime.

Dec 262012


According to media reports, Sony announced to hold a news conference in the CES 2013 to release a new generation of smart phone, Sony Yuga C660X.


It is reported that this model, Sony Yuga C660X is just rumored, and it will be released with its true model “Sony Xperia Z L36i”.


Presumably, Sony’s new flagship will be firstly landed in Japan, then in the United States and Hong Kong. And it will probably be on sale around the world around April.


The Xperia Z L36i body uses Dragontrail glass material, the stiffness can catch up with the iPhone4S. And it comes with a 5-inch screen which is the largest in Sony history and has dust-proof, shock-proof and water-proof functions. It’s equipped with S4 pro quad-core 1.5GHz processor APQ8064, integrated Adreno 320 GPU and built-in 2GB RAM.


This new flagship phone is powered by Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean operating system, supports 4G LTE network connection and has a 13 megapixel Exmor RS camera.


Dec 252012

64-bit operating system: Surface Pro is a 64-bit Tablet PC and it has Intel Core i5 Ivy Bridge, while the Surface RT is only with 32-bit.

Security: It provides same level of safety performance with Windows laptop, it also has built-in BitLocker encryption feature for hard disk data encryption.

Screen/interface: The Surface Pro 10.6 inches screen and 1920 x 1080 pixels is sufficient to compare to the desktop screen. In addition, it also has a Mini Display Port, full-size USB 3.0 port, microSDXC card slot and headphone jack.

The stylus: The Surface Pro will be equipped with a pen, although some people think it is outdated, still part of the business people are using it.

The tablet is a running Windows 8 system and using Intel Ivy Bridge Core i5 processor Tablet PC, the resolution is 1920×1080, these configurations are similar to the configuration of the Surface Pro’s.

The Iconia W700 tablet computer performs well, it has no pressure to play high-definition video,access to social networking site and office. In addition, this tablet battery life is 7 hours and 19 minutes.

In addition, the media CNET editor said in the beginning of the year, he had the opportunity to use the Samsung tablet powered by Intel Core i5 processor, when the device was running Windows 8 developer preview, CNET editor said, the Tablet with i5 processor running fast is much faster than the iPad 2′s.

If the speed of the Surface Pro is also amazing, plus it can run all Windows 7 applications, it is believed that this device will be very attractive for business people.

Dec 252012

According to media reports, Nokia is planning to restart the Tablet PC program, and is expected to launch Tablet PC with 10.1-inch display and Microsoft Windows RT operating system in 2013, which is similar to Microsoft’s Surface Tablet PC previously announced.

This tablet PC with 10.1-inch display will be equipped with an HDMI port and a USB port, and the screen is very similar with Microsoft Surface RT screen. According to sources, Nokia Tablet PC will be equipped with cellular data connectivity, and the U.S. mobile operator AT&T will be one channel of the Nokia Tablet PC starting cooperation.

The focus of the Nokia Tablet PC is its battery and matching shell design. It is reported that Nokia will launch a special “jacket” for this product, Nokia Tablet PC is just like a book when folded. When open, this jacket can be used as Tablet PC’s keyboard and bracket. Nokia also designs a built-in battery for this special tablet PC “jacket” used to charge the device. In addition, this jacket also has two USB ports to expand the connectivity of the device.

It is worth mentioning that this Nokia’s device has very strong battery life performance, which is about 10 hours, and fast charging in a short time.

According to sources, this former Finnish giant is planning to initially build its own production line of tablet PC, and it’s most likely to select the Windows 8 operating system as the default system. Nokia’s first tablet will run on the ARM chip architecture, and will be powered by Microsoft’s latest Windows RT operating system. Nokia may launch this tablet on Mobile World Congress in February next year at the earliest.

Nokia declined to comment, the company spokesman said: “The company does not comment on market rumors and speculation.”

Dec 252012

According to media reports, in an event on Monday, the U.S. famous Internet industry investor Mark Cuban said, Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone performance far exceeds that of the Apple iPhone 5.

In the activities, Cuban was asked which electronic products he is using. Cuban replied, lately he replaced his smart phones, which is to replace the original iPhone 5 with theĀ  new Nokia Windows Phone Lumia 920.

Cuban said: “I have an Apple MacBook Air laptop, but I plan to try to use pre-installed Windows 8 Acer notebook. I like my Windows 8 phone, I have two phones, the first is Samsung and the second is the iPhone 5. And the new Nokia Windows phone replaced my iPhone 5.

When asked Why replaced the iPhone 5 with Lumia 920, Kuban said: “Lumia 920 performance exceeds the iPhone 5′s, more than a little.”

But some people in the industry think that the saying that Lumia 920 performance is far more than the iPhone 5, may represent the views of Cuban himself. Lumia 920 hardware configuration is good, such as wireless charging function, touch screen response and so on, but compared with the iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S II, Lumia 920 is not so thin and light, and the weight is also heavier. On the other hand, compared with the iPhone and various Android phones, the Windows Phone mobile phone application choice is not that more.

Dec 212012

As we all know, the early produced Apple 27-inch iMac supports to install Apple’s Boot Camp software. But recently, the latest 3TB hybrid hard drive version of the iMac can’t install Boot Camp on their computers.

Boot Camp is a software that allows users to use Windows 7 installation disk to install Windows 7 on Intel processor-based Mac system, after the installation users can run the “dual system” on their Mac computers and select different operating systems in different cases.

In fact, even if you can not use the Windows system, there are many applications that can perfectly substitute for the Windows system software in the Mac, the only troublesome thing is that some games can’t run in Mac system.

In fact, Apple has made a description on its iMac page, the current 3TB version iMac computer can not use Boot Camp. It is hoped that Apple can resume 3TB version iMac support on Boot Camp as soon as possible, because most high-end users really have the demand to have both 3TB and Boot Camp.

Dec 212012

With the coming of the release date, the message about the BB10 system new machine naturally began to increase. Blackberry will abandon the four-digit model naming method, and name the BB10 system L series touch screen new machine as Blackberry Z10, and it provides black and white two colors.

Official model exposured

Blackberry BB10 system new machine is often exposed on the network, but information about the specific model did not divulge that much, people tend to use BlackBerry L series to introduce the BB10 system full touch screen models. And the display according to the media, the future BB10 system full touch screen series phones will abandon the traditional four-digit naming, and change into more concise phone model, the upcoming first new machine is officially named as BlackBerry Z10.

With 4.2-inch high-definition touch screen

BlackBerry Z10 specific configuration is unclear, but according to information leaked in the past, this phone will be equipped with a 4.2-inch touch screen and supports a resolution of 1280*768 pixels. And it has 1GB memory and 16GB storage space, built-in 1.5GHz Texas Instruments TI OMAP4470 dual-core processor, its integrated PowerVR SGX544 graphics chip processing performance is 2.5 times than the PowerVR SGX540′s.

BlackBerry Z10 also supports UMTS/HSDPA network, and a dual-camera configuration, a 2-megapixel front camera and a 800-megapixel main camera. In addition to support for memory expansion and provide a micro HDMI output interface, BlackBerry Z10 is also joined Bluetooth 4.0 technology and NFC functionality, and the removable battery capacity is 1800mAh.

BB10 System Features

Of course, the BB10 system is the most attractive place of the machine. The main feature of the system is touch oriented, applications and real-time information can be demonstrated on the screen, supporting multi-tasking, allowing users to slide up the screen to view notifications information on any interface in the phone.

The BB10 System is also oriented to the BlackBerry Hub function, user mail, SMS, BBM, social networks, and other message will be stored in the Blackberry Hub, even the user’s schedule information will also be integrated in it, and also in any interface, slide to the right way to open it again.

RIM will hold the Blackberry BB10 (BlackBerry 10) operating system conference on January 30, 2013 in New York.

Dec 202012

According to media reports, the US Patent and Trademark Office this week approved a patent application filed by Apple in 2007, which is for Apple’s first generation iPhone design patent, Apple’s late co-founder Steve Jobs and the chief designer Jony Ivy had been involved in the design.

This U.S. Patent No. is No.D672769, and the patent name is “electronic device”. The design patent also attached with the picture of the first generation iPhone.

The first-generation iPhone uses the aluminum backplane, the iPhone 5 Apple released this year again uses this design, the iPhone 5 is also equipped with a metal backplane. The products between the first-generation iPhone and iPhone 5 are with other materials backplane, among which the iPhone 3G and 3GS use plastic backplane, while the iPhone 4 and 4S uses glass back.

The basic design of the first generation is also very similar with the latest version iPhone. Each generation iPhone is equipped with a homepage button at the bottom of the screen, headphone jack is at the top, volume control is designed in the left side, the lock screen button is at the right side of the top, the camera is in the real, while the speaker, microphone, and data/charging ports are at the bottom.

The first generation iPhone was released in January 2007 by Steve Jobs at Macworld show, and eventually began selling in June the same year.

Since then, each generation iPhone has achieved good sales performance, Apple’s sales continue to break the previous record. Now, Apple releases a new iPhone every year. And the IPhone 5 released this year for the first time to extend the display to 4 inches.

Dec 202012

Following the isting of ASUS Taiji dual screen ultrabook and the cheap S400 series ultrabook, Asus will release the brand new BU400/BU500 series commercial ultrabook on December 21. This series ultrabooks will not only be equipped with the latest Microsoft Windows 8 operating system, but also be equipped with the NVS 5200M discrete graphics.

The ASUS BU400/BU500 series ultrabooks exterior design inspiration is from the extractive file folder, it uses unibody shell, the thickness is only about 20mm and it weighs 1.64kg. As a business ultrabook, Asus BU400/BU500 uses steady dark color, and has high strength reinforced LCE carbon fiber structure, shockproof hard disk, the spill-resistant keyboard, large size touchpad, anti-glare screen and some other safety control.

In terms of hardware configuration, this series will be equipped with Ivy Bridge platform Intel i5 or i7 processor, NVIDIA Optimus NVS5200M discrete graphics and SSD solid state drive. It has USB3.0, VGA, HDMI, audio interface, card reader and security lock, and it’s pre-installed Windows8 operating system.

In addition, it is revealed that on the 21st conference Asus may also show the B43 series, P43/P53 Series, E Series and PU500 series new products.