Jan 152013

Hiroshi Sakamoto, vice president of Sony’s home entertainment division, recently said that the company may release the fourth generation PlayStation game console before the E3 game show this year. He said in an interview with Chilean news website Emol, Sony may release the PlayStation 4 in May this year. Earlier there were speculations that Sony and Microsoft would launch the latest generation game consoles in June at the E3.

Pre-announced the release of PlayStation 4 news can make it get the media to pay more attention to. Hiroshi Sakamoto said: “We may release the PlayStation 4 in May or at the E3 games show. Then, we will have a major announcement, but you will have to wait at least to May.

Jan 142013

According to foreign media reports, recently, an analyst said that Apple will update its iPad lineup in March and release the iPad 5 and iPad mini.

The Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White believes that Apple is planning to adjust the product update cycle to once every six months, and the company will release the iPad 5 and iPad mini in March this year.

At CES 2013, White with a number of industry observers had discussed deeply and agreed that the Apple’s latest 9.7-inch and 7.9-inch Tablet PCs would be released soon.

In October last year, Apple had just released the iPad 4 and the first generation iPad mini, and the currently speculated March is only five months late of the October, the speed is surprising.

It is reported that, compared to the old version iPad, the new version full-size iPad tablet computer will be lighter and thinner, and will be configured with an improved A6X processor. On the other hand, iPad mini shape will remain basically the same with the first-generation iPad mini, but the internal configuration will have a great improvement, however, White did not mention whether Apple will configure the Retina Display in the iPad mini 2.

Jan 142013

At the end of October last year, Google cooperated with LG to launch the fourth-generation Nexus phone – LG Nexus 4, which is equipped with large touch screen and quad-core processor, and it’s favored by many consumers around the world due to the reasonable price, and it has been out of state in the long-term. Today, there are newsthat the LG Nexus upgraded version is coming soon, and the Nexus 4 will be discontinued, the out of stock status will continue.

According to the British Technology website IBTIMES report, for the upcoming LG Nexus 4 successor, LG will stop the production of the LG Nexus 4. It is reported that the LG Nexus 4 upgraded version will be officially releases at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) held at the end of February this year, and it is expected to be listed globally then, but temporarily LG official has not made any remarks on this report.

There is no definite news about the model of the LG Nexus 4 upgraded version, there is media saying it will be Nexus 5, but based on the product cycle of the Nexus phone, it is unlikely for Google to launch the next generation Nexus phone at the end of February this year. In addition, in view that the current high-end mobile phones are equipped with a 1080p full HD screen, the LG Nexus 4 upgraded version is also hopeful to carry a full HD screen, and it’s believed that the screen size and processor will also be enhanced.

Jan 112013

The ZTE Grand S has gained the German IF Design Award before displaying at CES, and it’s feature is to use the whole Uni-body integrated design, and the body thickness is only 6.9 mm. In addition, the machine’s touch screen also uses the OGS technology, so that the screen is only 0.55mm thick.

As a key part of the product design, the top of the ZTE Grand S phone has a black cross pincushion region, where not only has the glass material camera, but also integrates the parts throughout the body in this region, and achieves the thin and light body of the ZTE Grand S mobile.

Despite the ZTE Grand S body thichness is only 6.9mm, but it still provides powerful function configuration. The product is loaded with 5.0 inches FHD touch screen that supports 1920 × 1080 pixel resolution and provides 440ppi pixel density, and can bring fine and exquisite display result. And the built-in Qualcomm APQ8064 quad-core processor promotes the dominant frequency speed to 1.7GHz, together with the 2GB RAM memory and Android4.1 system, it can bring a more fluid operation experience.

ZTE Grand S also supports LTE 4G network, can offer 100 Mbps download speed and 50Mbps upload speed. And the machine also uses a dual-camera configuration in order to achieve high-speed network video call feature. It’s with 2 million pixels front camera and 13 million pixel main camera that supports auto-focus and 1080p full HD video recording function. In addition, it also has 16GB storage capacity and supports memory expansion.

The ZTE Grand S also offers a wealth of entertainment and business functions. It supports Dolby sound and built-in Palm Manager application which can help users manage phone software, optimize power and protecte private information. However, due to the relatively slim body, the phone is with a 1780mAh battery.

ZTE Grand S body size is 142*69*6.9mm, and will provide the users with variety of colors choices, including white, yellow, red, pink, blue and silver.

Jan 112013

Recently there are rumors that the Motorola RAZR M may have a new successor, the current model of the successor is the Motorola RAZR M HD. It is said that this phone will have a 720p resolution screen, and the screen size is increased to 4.5 inches, but the processor and RAM capacity configuration haven’t been changed, and the built-in flash memory capacity is likely to be 16GB.

Of course, a big difference of this legend new generation smart phones is that it is equipped with a 3300mAh battery, which is really a big upgrade compared to the RAZR M 2000mAh battery.

Jan 112013

Joy Factor has recently launched new iPhone battery and iPad and iPhone waterproof cases, Joy Factory said the battery life is twice than the previous battery, and the battery is priced at $79.99. The waterproof cases are used in the iPhone, iPad and the iPad Mini. If you only need waterproof, you can purchase the aXtion Go, while the aXtion Pro can be waterproof, dustproof and dropproof.

The iPhone aXtion Pro is priced at $ 79, the one for the iPad Mini is $99, and the one for the iPad is $159. The aXtion Go is relatively cheap.

Those products may be sold in February this year, and the specific circumstances are still not sure.

Jan 102013

Dell officially released its Latitude 10 Tablet PC based on the Intel Atom processor and standard Windows 8 operating system for corporate users in October last year, but its up to $650 price makes many enterprises hesitated. Currently, Dell has decided to launch a more reasonable price reduction version Latitude 10 tablet – Latitude 10 Essentials for those business users who are on a limited budget.

According to reports, Latitude 10 Essentials will still be powered by Intel Atom processor, only the Wacom stylus stylus and removable battery design have been removed, currently the 64GB model can be ordered, and its price is $ 579.

In addition, Dell will also release the $499 32GB version Latitude 10 Essentials.

As a comparison, the Microsoft Surface RT Tablet based on ARM processor and Windows RT operating system 32GB and 64GB models minimum price are respectively $499 and $699.

Jan 102013

Panasonic exhibited a 20-inch 4K HD Windows 8 Pro Tablet PC used on Making Tools at CES2013, this Tablet PC has a 20-inch, 3840 x 2560 4K high-definition display, the screen ratio is 15:10, and it’s powered by Windows 8 Pro operating system, with Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB memory and 16GB storage space. It supports Bluetooth 4.0 and USB 2.0, and it has two cameras.

The tablet has excellent viewing angles, and even has cloud storage solution, so you can edit photos via cloud storage online synchronous operation.

However, due to its ultra-fine resolution, the font will be very small when browsing the web or in the actual manipulation, so for a 20-inch size Windows 8 Tablet PC, the super 4K resolution display is not particularly useful.

Jan 102013

There are only 20 days time before the arrival of the BB10, and news from Reuters that the three major U.S. carriers have confirmed their support for the BlackBerry 10 devices.

Verizon executive Lowell McAdam said: “I hope the BB10 can bring good devices, and we will support it.”

Words from T-Mobile senior John Legere: “We are expecting BB10 to be successful, the Business user group are also quite interested. ”

AT&T senior Jeff Bradley: “It is reasonable to expect the current BlackBerry users will choose to upgrade the best Blackberry devices.”

The seniors did not provide specific information, but obviously they are going towards supporting BB10, it’s sure there will be more information later. And now only waiitng for Sprint’s position.

Jan 092013

We have seen the Lenovo 27-inch AIO that can be used as a queen-sized tablet in CES2013. Now, Asus has also announced its Windows 8 AIO product, which has similar functions, but has different solutions from Lenovo. Asus on CES2013 press release revealed its own Transformer AIO product, which is equipped with 18.4-inch full-HD screen, also can be free from the base to use as a single tablet product.

The Asus Transformer AIO machine, is equipped with 18.4 inches 1920×1080 resolution screen, a built-in Intel Core processor for mobile Windows 8 applications, but they did not disclose the product’s battery specification.

But this is not the Transformer AIO machine coolest features. It also has a built-in Nvidia Tegra 3 processor, that can run Android 4.1 jelly bean operating system. Asus said, it can switch between the Windows 8 and Android with a key.

Asus didn’t announce the release time of the Transformer AIO machine, but the starting price of the product that has built-in Intel Core i3 is $1299, and the i5 and i7 version prices are higher.