May 082013

According to media reports, Samsung plans to launch a smartphone called Galaxy S4 Zoom to further expand the Galaxy S4 product line. The phone uses a 16-megapixel camera, which focuses on strengthening the shooting performance and it will be Samsung’s first camera phone.

Previously, there were media reports that Samsung is about to launch the Galaxy S4 Mini and Galaxy S4 Active two additional products, the latter is a Galaxy S4 with three anti functions, and it has been officially confirmed by Samsung. And with the exposed Galaxy S4 Zoom, the Samsung Galaxy S4 series will have four models.

Allegedly the code of the Galaxy S4 Zoom is SM-C1010, and it’s with 16 megapixel camera (the Galaxy S4′s is 13 megapixel). The Zoom photosensitive element is similar to the Galaxy Camara’s released at the end of last year.

But this does not mean that the S4 Zoom is more high-end than existing flagship models. Reported that the former screen size is 4.3 inches (S4, 5 inches), and the processor of the device will be the same as the Anglo-American version S4′s (Snapgragon 600), or just dual-core.

Reported that the Galaxy S4 Zoom release date is expected to be in June or July this year, and it has black and white two color versions.

May 082013

There have been many reports about the Sony Honami smartphone. It is said to be a top camera phone, and its Sony Exmor RS sensor are more outstanding than HTC, Samsung, and even Apple products. Recently, there are medias exposed this phone configuration parameters.

Sony Xperia i1 configuration parameter:

· 5-inch 1080p Full HD display with Bravia technology

· 2.3GHz Qualcomn Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor

· 2GB memory

· 16-20 megapixel camera, 1/1.6 inch photosensitive element, Xenon flash

· 2700-3000mAh battery

· IP57 certified waterproof and dustproof

· 10mm thickness

In addition, this phone will also join the superfine lens protective glass, which can bring more clear and crisp pictures.

The Honami will also be with the xenon dual LED flash, which can provide 10 times the brightness of the existing smart phones and greatly improves the low-light shooting performance.

If the above information is true, then the Android camp will usher in the first truly camera flagship.

May 082013

As early as last December, there were news that HTC was making two 7-inch and 12-inch Windows Tablet PCs, and there were news confirmed this rumor last month. Recently, more detailed information about these two tablet has also been disclosed by media.

Allegedly, the codes of the two tablets are R7 and R12, the number represents the size of the screen, and the letter “R” may represent the Windows RT Blue system.

HTC R7 will become a part of the small-size tablet that Microsoft hopes to be introduced by Windows Blue, the device uses a 7-inch 1080p display, 2.3GHz four-core Qualcomm Snapgragon 800 processor and 2GB memory. If the configuration information is true, then the R7 performance should be quite powerful.

The rest configuration parameters include: 16GB storage space (supports microSD card expansion) and 13 megapixel camera. However, there are news that the R7 may not have the HDMI, DLNA and NFC functionality, but it supports LTE/HSPA+ connection, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and A-GPS.

The larger size HTC R12 configurations are the same with the R7, but the 12-inch display resolution will reach 2048×1536 and it’s with more connectivity options.

The specifications, battery capacity and price of these two devices are not included in the exposed information. Reportedly, HTC plans to officially released on these two tables on October 13 this year, which should also comply with the Windows Blue launch date.

May 082013

The rapid development of the tablet gives business opportunities to industry companies, so they launched children’s tablet and early childhood tablet devices for special populations, and now the Claris Companion company deliberately launched a tablet device for the elderly. The device is with a rounded edge design, the back is with relatively thick bamboo cover, two front speakers are placed in the bottom of the tablet.

This 10-inch tablet device can provide proper logistical capabilities for the elderly, it can be set the diabetes detection alarm, as well as monitor the elderly walking distance and the amount of exercise and so on via built-in sensors. At the same time the tablet is able to be set medication reminders. Tablet design takes the situation of the older into account, and it’s high-decibel speakers and a larger font display, while the tablet interface is very simple and easy to understand.

There are several ways to buy the tablet. The first is the form of a two-year contract price, consumers can choose the $ 99 or $ 59 monthly. There is also a pre-paid $ 549 and then to pay $ 39 per month. Of course there is a lifetime method, but it needs to pay $ 995.

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May 072013

Google and Motorola’s highly anticipated combination has not brought any product so far, but if Google chooses Motorola to produce the Nexus phone, then we are naturally very interested in such a product. Recently, there are designers announced the envisaged Motorola Nexus+ conceptual design.

As conceptual design, this Nexus+ device is only from the designer’s imagination, not really exists, but it does contain some interesting design concept. For example, the design draws on the elements of the existing high-end mobile phones, including 5-inch 1080p display, the Snapdragon 800 processor, front dual speakers and 13 megapixel camera.

In addition, this device also uses carbon fiber back cover and magnesium alloy frame, the handset and home key position flash is also very unique.

May 072013

The well-known software company Adobe has released its first hardware products – the gravity sensing stylus Project Mighty and electronic ruler Napoleon.

Both accessories can be connected to equipments via Bluetooth, the Project Mighty is similar with other stylus in use, but when used together with Napoleon, the two tools will be able to draw curved and angled graphics, which is difficult to achieve in existing third-party stylus.

The size of the Project Mighty and Napoleon are very small, they are with silver design, similar to early iPod. There is a button on the stylus, while the electronic ruler is marked with a series of shapes, the user can freely switch. When use Napoleon draw, it shows the selected pattern on the device’s screen, the user simply use the stylus to depict. As a result, the Napoleon becomes a digital protractor to allow users to be able to draw a clear and precise shape. In addition, the application can distinguish touch between finger and stylus, when users use the stylus to paint, they can also use finger to perform different gesture, such as redo or erase.

The Project Mighty is equipped with a rechargeable battery, supports low-power Bluetooth connectivity and has built-in memory. Adobe said that these two products are still in the development stage, the launch date has not yet been determined.

May 072013

Although Nokia had previously revealed the attitude not to follow the big-screen smartphone, it seems not to be the case. In addition to British media reports that Nokia may release the 6.0-inch cross-border tablet phone, message from the website WPbar that, Nokia may launch a new device Lumia 625 with 4.7-inch touch screen, snf the fastest to be released in the next week’s London conference.

According to the news disclosed by website WPbar, in the conference held in London next week, in addition to launch the flagship Nokia Lumia925, Nokia may also release a low-end model. Allegedly the model of the device is Nokia Lumia625, which will be launched as a Nokia Lumia620 follow-up model, and its biggest feature is loaded with a 4.7-inch touch screen.

However, WPbar also said this 4.7-inch device may not appear in the London conference. But if we will not see this Nokia Lumia625 at the London conference, then Nokia may officially launch it about in June.

The device will be with Qualcomm S4 MSM8960 dual-core processor, and Windows Phone 8 system. There is message that the device supports only 800*480 pixels resolution, which seems to be consistent with the Nokia Lumia625 market positioning.

If it will be released in May or June, then it may be equipped with the latest WP8 GDR2 firmware version. According to media reports, GDR2 update will bring functions such as double tap to wake the screen, FM function regression, lock screen clock, and Nokia’s exclusive Smart Filters.

Of course, the above message are all rumors, the authenticity needs to be further verified.

May 072013

There are more and more small size Tablet PCs listed, and recently in the European market, an Archos 8-inch tablet 80 Xenon exposed, which is an 8-inch tablet with 3G capability. Currently, the price of the Archos 80 Xenon is 226 euros, while the iPad mini with 3G capability is priced from $ 459, so it seems that the Archos 80 Xenon has a considerable price competitiveness.

It is reported that the Archos 80 Xenon is equipped with a 1.2GHz dual-core processor and 1024*768 screen resolution same as the iPad mini’s, it has only 4GB storage space, but it can be extended via microSD card, it runs Android4.1.1 jelly beans system. Other details of the product haven’t been exposed, but it’s believed the specific configuration and listed time will be published before the summer season.

May 062013

According to media reports, HP announced the new ProBook 400 series notebooks, which includes a 15.6-inch touch screen model.

HP said that compared to their predecessors, these new laptops will be thinner and lighter, they are 36% thinner and 18% lighter compared to the previous notebooks, these 5 notebooks are introduced for small and medium-sized enterprises, the screen sizes are ranging from 13.3 inches to 17.3 inches.

It is reported that the 15.6-inch ProBook 450 is with a touch screen, which is the first notebook configured touch screen in this series product lines, other models also include the 13.3-inch ProBook 430, 14-inch ProBook 440, 15-inch ProBook 455 and the 17.3-inch ProBook 470.

HP claimed, according to the screen sizes, dosage and other factors, the battery life of these ProBooks is up to 8 hours, the starting price is $ 499, and they will be globally listed later this month.

HP’s product manager Kathy Nielsen said, these ProBooks will run Intel and AMD processors. According to the plan, Intel will announce the 4th-generation Core processor in early June, which is code-named “Haswell”, but Nielsen declined to disclose when the notebook chips will be upgraded.

May 062013

The new full keyboard smartphone Q10 BlackBerry released in the beginning of this year has been listed in some countries, and this device which continues the classic BlackBerry design should have attracted many consumers interest. A few days ago, the website chipworks which often brings the equipment dismantling showed us the internal structure of the Q10.

The Q10 internal double-sided circuit board design is outstanding, which can be compared with most well-known devices.

Application processor, we can see Qualcomm MSM8960, WTR1605l LTE transceiver PM8921 power management unit and WDC9310 audio decoder.

Other Q10 parts include: the Atmel MXT224s touch screen controller, the InvenSense IDG3050 gyroscope, Inside Secure’s NFC solutions, Broadcom BCM4334 Wi-Fi SoC, and the antenna tuning is with the BlackBerry BST capacitor technology.

In addition, the Q10′s main camera model is OmniVision OV2B8BG, while the front camera is with the Aptina C25B.