Nov 232012

According to the British Daily Mail reports, South Korea’s Samsung declared that in 2013 they will produce soft deformation screen smartphone.

Samsung began incremental production of smartphones able to bend the screen and even be folded into the pocket, it is learned that this innovative technology uses organiclight emitting diodes (OLEDs), they are very thin, you can place them on soft material such as plastic and metal foil. Samsung is not the only commercial company who uses Organic Light Emitting Diode to develop soft screen, it also includes: Sony Corporation of Japan and the South Korean LG company.

But Samsung is the first company to promise the release date which plans to show this smart phone in the first half of 2013. Currently, Samsung can not achieve commercialization soft screen smart phone production in the short term, the plastic screen instead of glass material will enable mobile devices lighter, more durable, and less costly.

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