Oct 262012

According to media reports, Microsoft officially released Windows8 system in New York, Julie Larson-Green, acting director of Microsoft Windows systems research and development said, Windows 8 can support for Windows 7 system equipments, it not only retains partial traditional interface of Windows 7, but also strengthened touch operation process and multi-task processing.

There are many Windows 7 system-based notebooks not supporting touch-screen operation, so many users can not experience the sense of flow of the touch screen. However, Julie said: those users based on Windows 7 notebook, even if not equipped with a touch screen, can also experience the touch-screen operation.

Julie said user must firstly upgrade Windows 7, after upgrading to Windows 8 platform, they can experience the touch-screen operation through the touch touchpad.The screen slide, sliding the edge of the screen and identifying the system menu and other operations can be easily achieved.

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