Nov 282012

According to German site gHacks reports, laptop manufacturers have directly embedded Windows product key into the motherboard BIOS, so when reinstall the operating system it can be directly activated without entering it.

Users who recently purchased Windows 8 notebooks may find that the label printed with Windows key on the back no longer exists, and also there is no additional explanation, then how to reinstall the system without the key?

The answer is simple, Windows 8 product key has been embedded in the motherboard BIOS, it will automatically recognize and automatically activate the system when reinstall the system.

For Microsoft and OEM manufacturers, it will limit the system key to spread unchecked to some extent, and also for brand users, they do not have to worry about the loss of key, but it’s difficult to make piracy and the spread the Key.

It will be difficult if you want to install other operating systems or non-pre-installed version of Windows 8, such as your laptop is with the standard version Windows 8, but you also have a Windows 8 Pro OEM copy, if you install Windows 8 Pro now, then the laptop will still directly use the BIOS stored in the key without providing typing key option, eventually the loaded is Windows 8 instead of the Windows 8 Pro.

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