Feb 052013

According to media reports, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop (Stephen Elop) revealed when accepted the Australia “Financial Review” interview that the company plans to expand its product portfolio, and it’s very interested in Tablet PC.

When asked whether Nokia has decided to launch its own tablet PC, Elop replied “We will consider any choice”. When media asked which platform Nokia would elect, Elop implied: “Imagine, you already have Lumia 920 running WP system, and you can gain the complete Microsoft experience with a Windows Tablet, PC or Xbox. We will give first consideration to Microsoft, but have not yet made ??a final decision “.

Elop believes the Windows tablet advantage is that corporate buyers are easily impressed by Microsoft additional services, such as Office and SkyDrive. Of course, Nokia will consider any options (Windows or Android), and a variety of cooperation opportunities is also what the users want to see.

In fact as early as several years ago, Nokia had launched a series of Internet Tablet based on Linux, the company attempt in the field of Tablet PC is even earlier than the Apple iPad.

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