Dec 272012


It has just been over a month time since Lumia series smartphone was launched in the United States, consumers can already buy this series depreciated products after the hpliday in the telecom operators shops and Amazon website.

After a series of financial losses, Nokia hopes the launch of the Lumia smartphones can realize the stability of the financial position of the Company. Lumia smartphones are running Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system. The high-end Lumia 920 phone launched in American Telephone and Telegraph Company in November is priced at $99, Lumia 822 phone launched in Verizon Wireless stores is also priced at $99.

Consumers can still directly purchase Lumia 920 phone in the American Telephone and Telegraph Company with a price of $99, but the price is only $39 on At the same time, when purchase Lumia 822 phone at the Verizon Wireless, if you buy the set meal, the phone will be free as a gift.

The T-Mobile USA Inc. that sells Lumia 822 phone also launched the purchasing set meal and sending the phone free as gift activities.

Nokia spokesman Doug Dawson said in an e-mail, cell phone pricing has been determined by the operator, but the promotional activities of the holiday season is a normal phenomenon. He pointed out that Samsung mobile phones are also sent freely in some markets.

Verizon Wireless did not comment on this issue, T-Mobile USA did not comment on Wednesday afternoon either.

Currently it’s not clear if the operators will bear the cost of all the price cuts, or Nokia provides partial market support.


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