Sep 072012

It is believed that people still remain fresh in memory of the trailer Nokia released about Lumia 920 smartphone, especially the PureView technology used in Lumia 920 smartphone  is a major bright spot, however, careful users found photographs in the video is not taken by Lumia 920 smartphone PureView image stabilization technology, which caused a lot of dissatisfaction. Nokia apologized on this issue, and re-produced videos to show Lumia 920 smartphone PureView image stabilization technology.

Nokia spokeswoman Heidi Lemmetyinen made an apology on the event in a blog and admitted that the company didn’t use Lumia 920 to take photos in advertising, but this is to render better advertising effect.

A lot of people are not dissatisfied on new Nokia smartphone Lumia 920 promo fraud issue, but Nokia’s handling of the incident attitude is fairly satisfying. In addition to the public apology, Nokia also specially produced a brand new advertising campaign, and presented the PureView image stabilization technology through the comparison of two video.

Last night, Nokia officially released this Windows Phone device Lumia 920 and planned to list it in the fourth quarter of this year, then we can experience what the Lumia 920 PureView image stabilization technology is.

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