May 092013

Different from the current traditional Android tablets, there is a company planning to launch an outdoor product. As the name implies, The Earl is a solar-powered tablet, and it comes with a solid and thick shell, which is able to adapt to the harsh outdoor environment. As a “survivor” tablet, the device includes all the features required for hiking, including the typical wireless connectivity, NFC, GPS and topographic maps. The tablet is also equipped with a two-way walkie-talkie, which can chat with other hikers using the Earl tablet.

The tablet is equipped with a 6-inch E-ink screen, but it doesn’t have camera, so do not expect to take it to watch movies or play games. If you want to shoot beautiful landscapes, you’d better bring a dedicated camera equipment.

The project is raising funds for the next phase of production, and it has currently raised nearly $ 13,000 from the Internet, and there are 32 days time from its total of $ 250,000.

The pre-orders will be able to get a 30% discount (purchaseprice of $ 250). Although it does not apply to most daily applications, but the tablet is still a good choice for outdoor living enthusiasts.

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