Apr 222013

The U.S. technology blog has released an article that Benedict Evans signatured, the sales of the Microsoft’s Tablet PC Surface has exceeded the Google Nexus 10′s. This data reflects the future direction of development of the Microsoft notebook and tablet PC market.

The tablet PC sales data is not easy to statistics. For Nexus 10, Evans used its unique screen size to track it and calculated based on the total number of Google users. Evans estimated that the total number of users of the Nexus 10 is about 680,000.

On the other hand, the Bloomberg had reported that Microsoft Surface RT and Surface Pro sales are 1.5 million units, which is in line with most analysts’ expectations. This means the Surface Tablet PC sales are better than the Nexus 10′s.

For Google, this result may be of little significance. The Nexus series products are mainly for geeks and developers, they only need to provide the Nexus series products to the programmers, as well as some influential people. Google is to promote all Android Tablet PCs, more users and attention will be conducive to Google’s earnings.

But for Microsoft, the results of this comparison is somewhat subtle. There is no doubt that as a brand, Surface sales are much lower than the iPad. However, the Surface Pro  was sold 40 million units after listed for a month time, and it has a good profit margin at the price of $ 500.

Indeed, the production of the Surface Pro is not very high, when the iOS platform provides a variety of options, the Surface is not very attractive. But if Microsoft can increase the sales of Surface Pro in 2013 to make the sales volume up to 4 to 5 million units, then the Surface series products will bring a steady income.

For Google, the Nexus 10 is almost just a technology demonstration platform. But the Surface represents the future of Microsoft, Surface sales will be a key part of Microsoft’s strategy for the future. The reason why the Surface sales are better than the Nexus 10 is that Microsoft covers more developers and geeks, but Microsoft also needs to further promote this product and to create a suitable platform in the new mobile computing era.

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