Sep 032012

According to media reports, Microsoft has its Terms of Service subtle adjusted last week, but this adjustment will greatly change Microsoft’s treatment of privacy and Dispute Resolution Policy. Microsoft sent e-mails to inform the users of this fact last Friday that the new terms of service will come into effect on October 19.

Obviously, inspired by Google, Microsoft revised the Terms of Service permitting the Company to contact and display user content cloud assets. In view of the old terms of service allowing Microsoft with the right to occupy user content alone to extend to the provided services, while the new terms express that these elements can be used to “provide, protect and improve Microsoft products and services.”

For example, Microsoft will be able to get information from cloud-based services such as Hotmail, SkyDrive or content, and applies its personalized applications to the user search results. Microsoft hinted in the e-mails that the use of similar content will be consistent with the cloud services products Microsoft designed to improve the numerous Microsoft products . ”

Microsoft also added the class action waiver to the new terms of service. The waiver requires the United States users to resolve their differences through arbitration rather than litigation. After the waiver coming into effect, it would deprive the user’s right to prosecute Microsoft in court, including initiating a class action.

Microsoft is not the first company to adopt the policy. Previously, Sony and Netflix have tied up the arbitration clause and class action waiver in the terms of service.

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