Nov 192012

In recent days, two Nokia PowerPoint presentations have been leaked, one of which exposured by presentation is up to 25 pages. It shows that there is an overlap between the WP 7.x and WP 8 timetable. We have been very familiar with “Mango → Tango → WP 7.8″ process, but the strange thing is that a text box followed 7.8, which says “WP 7.x.

Microsoft may not update WP 7.8 to WP 7.x, but why Nokia added a text box after WP 7.8?

WP 7.8 launch time is after WP 8, which we already know, but this is the first time that it will be launched before the first update of WP 8. The Windows Phone 8 updates is with plural, which may mean WP8 has a longer life cycle, to have a number of general update in the next few years, or numerous small update in the next few months.

Microsoft will use the OTA (over-the-air) to offer a variety of small patches and complete the OS update. It is also one reason why the many smartphone users are optimistic about WP8. But it is hard to say if the facts will be like that, especially after the intervention of the operators.

The WP Russian official Twitter page said Microsoft support for WP 7.8 is up to 18 months, which will continue to mid-2014. But no matter how it will be updated it can not be compared with WP 8, WP 8 can support multi-core processor, a microSD slot (on some models), and also can accept the OTA update and supports the NFC, which the WP 7 can not do.

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