Oct 052012

According to media reports, Microsoft executives confirmed on Wednesday that the company has begun to develop the next generation Windows 9 operating system.

Microsoft new Windows 8 system will be on sale this month, but the company has started the development of next-generation operating system. Although there is no official news, Microsoft partner technology director James Akrigg has recognized in the United Kingdom Misco Expo 12 exhibition, Windows 9 will be the next major project that the company will release.

When asked about the expectations on Windows 8, Akrigg replied: “Running has no problem, but I can not say that it (Win8) achieves perfect because we have set out to develop Win9.”

Interestingly, sources said that Microsoft is developing a called Windows Blue, a different Windows follow-up system, but it may be the first major upgrade version for the unreleased Win8.

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  1. they had the sp6a, BUT WOULDN’T DOWNLOAD NOTHING )) BUT ALAS, I have an Alpha workstatio (Digital peoarnsl workstation 433a) with its RISC Alpha processor 21164 at 64 bits . but for that I need the WIN NT4.0 SERV PACK 6a, yes, but . for the ALPHA and not I386 processors. The WIN NT and all its service packs, when the damned Microsoft produced them, ALL contained BOTH the version for I386 (which I got from your site) AND the version for the Alpha: errr am I being too optimistic if I ask your help in finding this WinNT4 servicepack 6a IN ALPHA VERSION??? I hope you can help me, but if not, thanks a lot anyway.All the best from Rome Astronomical Observatory, Alberto

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