Jul 052013

The media WPC break the news that although we’re not sure if the EOS codenamed phone will be eventually named Lumia1020 or Lumia909, these are not the most important, now there are the latest news of the price and color of this device. An internal staff revealed a photo which is to enter the Microsoft store inventory, interestingly the picture shows Lumia1020, rather than Lumia909. The picture shows, Lumia1020 retail price is $ 602, and it has black, yellow and white three colors available.

It can be seend from the lower left corner of the revealed picture, the date is July 22, 2013. Informed sources said, usually they will receive the goods on this date, and then they will be on sale in the next few days. Nokia EOS will be officially released next Thursday, let’s just wait and see.

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