Dec 172013

Earlier this year, LG demonstrated a variety of super wide displays, and the new model UM95 is expected to be displayed at CES 2014 exhibition. The 32-inch super wide display is with 21:9 screen ratio and up to 3440 * 1440 resolution, in addition LG also plans to provide 29 inches version, and in the coming months they will release a variety of ultra-wide displays.

In addition to the UM95, LG will accelerate the promotion of ultra-wide displays, and plans to showcase the UM65 model in three dimensions (25 inches, 29 inches and 34 inches) at CES, and LG also provides 31MU95 and 27MB85 two models.

LG’s IT business manager Hyoung-sei Park said: “LG IPS 21:9 super wide series is a user-centric PC monitor, it can greatly enhance the entertainment and work experience. The 21:9 display by launched the company has proven to be commercial success, we expect that the market will also continue to develop. ”

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