Jun 202013

According to media reports, LG has recently launched an unusually ultra wide (21:9) 29 inches Aio/TV hybrid device.

It is reported that this device uses a 2560×1080 resolution IPS panel, the viewing angle is 178 degrees. A separate TV tuner is added in this Aio PC, which can be immediately opened like a TV, there is no need to boot the computer part firstly.

As to the configuration, this device uses an Intel Core i5 processor, but it’s not knows it’s the fourth generation Haswell or third generation Ivy Bridge. In addition, the device also has an Nvidia GeForce GT 640M graphics card and HDMI input function (as a monitor).

The 21:9 display can be separated for use, the user can use different functions in different parts of the display, such as chat while watching TV, or even connected to the phone to use in 5:9 mode.

It is reported that this device will soon be available in South Korea, starting price is 1.49 million Won.

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