Mar 182013

Lenovo recently demonstrated the newly designed ThinkPad T431s ultrabook, it is slimmer than the previous product, and with backlit keyboard, 5-point TrackPad, and it looks slimmer. The new ultrabook is equipped with 14-inch HD 1600X900 resolution display, the border is more narrow, the display brightness is up to 250 lumens.

The T431s is with the third generation Intel 2.7GHz Core i7 processor, you can also choose other processors such as the i5 processor if you like. The operating system is Windows 7, and also it can be Windows 8. Through Lenovo RapidBoot 2.0, its startup speed can be 40% faster. It also supports USB 3.0. And it has built-in fingerprint identification.

In addition, the T431s has a been on standby USB, which can also charge the mobile device without connecting to power. It supports mobile hotspot functionality, can share WiFi or WWAN network or wired network.

The T431s is with 720HD front camera, supports facial recognition technology. And it reaches a Mil-SPEC 8 standard on firmness.

It’s with 4G RAM (can be upgraded to a maximum of 12GB), 47WHr 3-cell package battery, Bluetooth 4.0, built-in Wi-Fi and WWAN connectivity.

It has a full network interface, VGA interface, 3.5mm headset microphone port, two USB 3.0 ports and a 4-1 SD card slots,

The basic model T431s is with 320GB (5400 rpm) hard drive, SSD drive can be replaced if the budget is adequate. T431s will be available in April, and it’s priced at $ 949.

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