Sep 062012

According to media reports, the South Korean antitrust agency the Fair Trade Commission announced on Thursday that the committee is working on the investigation which Apple sued Samsung Electronics has abused its dominant position in wireless technology field.

Currently, Samsung Electronics and Apple are processing patent infringement litigation in 10 countries, because the two companies are fighting for the flourishing smart phone market share. In August this year, a jury in San Jose, California federal court ruled that Samsung Electronics copied the key features of Apple’s iPhone, and ruled that Samsung Electronics need to pay Apple $1.05 billion in compensation. The jury also ruled that Apple did not infringe Samsung Electronics patent.

The Fair Trade Commission is currently investigating whether Samsung Electronics abused its rule on the wireless technology patents and unfairly compete in the market. The Fair Trade Commission officials said at the beginning of this year, Apple submitted the complaint.

Samsung Electronics committed in 1998 that they will be fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory to have it’s own 3G patents licensed to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute. Samsung Electronics has repeatedly said that the company has been assumed office its commitment to reasonably authorize its patents related to telecommunications standards.

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