Nov 072012

Recently, the Jolla company, founded basedon previous Nokia R&D team, announced to officially launch new version MeeGo system on Slush Technology Exhibition that will be held in Helsinki, Finland on November 21, the new version MeeGo system is code-named “Sailfsh”.

The Jolla invitation letters said, the company is planned tohold the new version MeeGo the system – Sailfish OS conference on November 21 in Helsinki, Finland, the conference will be promoted with the help of the Nordic and Russian regions largest technology exhibition Slush.

It is understood that, Jolla future will firstly promote the Sailfish OS phone products and Tablet PCs in the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong market. The first Sailfish OS deviceĀ  will be released in December, and then to be listed on the market in Europe and China successively.

The MeeGo operating system was launched by Nokia, Intel and other companies in early 2010, now it’s virtually a abandoned operating system by Nokia, Nokia is building the open source operating system for smart phones, and stopped the efforts and measures on MeeGo operating system..

Jolla has a number of former Nokia R&D team employees, and has been based on the MeeGo operating system deprecated by Nokia, absorbs this system user experience, to create its own operating system, in order to be able to support a variety of different types devices. The current R&D work has been able to let Jolla show the level of the user interface, as well as to demonstrate its difference from the current level mobile user interface.

The Slush exhibition creator Peter Vesterbacka said: “Slush has developed into the Nordic region’s largest corporate activities center. We are very pleased to see the popular innovative enterprises such as Jolla to use Slush as their major release activities place. “

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