Sep 042012

According to media reports, Apple will hold the conference on the 12th of this month, the outside have speculated that Apple will release the next generation iPhone. Vietnamese website Tinhte released a video this week which showed the original headset design of the next generation iPhone will change.

It is reported that the currently Apple’s original headset with remote control and microphone was launched in 2008, but the design of the headset itself can be traced back to 2006. However, with the release of Apple’s next generation iPhone, the design of the headset may change greatly.

It’s said that the headset is designed by Apple’s California team and manufactured by Vietnam Foxconn factory. It’s clearly marked on the headphone line: “Designed by Apple in California Assembled in Vietnam”. The funnel-shaped design of this mold is very innovative, and the headset speaker is almost invisible. The headset seems to use Apple’s one molding process, but when look carefully you can still see the seams.

Compared to Apple’s current headset, the new version’s design has indeed been a major breakthrough. The new designed headphones blend the design of Apple’s current two headphones, earplugs change from round to teardrop-shaped.

Tinhte reported that compared to Apple’s current headphones, the new designed headset sound quality has been greatly improved, the “powerful” bass effect will definitely satisfy the users, but the only pity is that the new headphone output volume is smaller than the current Apple headphones.

It is worth noting that on the headphone line there is no remote control, while the previous line control is essential for iPhone headset. This design also makes other headset manufacturers easier to imitate, but the quality will be one of the advantages of the Apple headphones. The authenticity of the message will be verified two weeks later.

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