Jun 182013

Intel has launched a consumer-level notebook computer use Haswell processor, so what’s Intel’s next plan? According to the news media has recently exposed, Intel plans to launch the Haswell-E enthusiast desktop processor in the second half of 2014.

It can be seen from the revealed promotional picture that Haswell-E series focus on processing performance, and it will be combined by some of the most powerful performance desktop processors, which will contain an 8-core Haswell processor. If the news is true, then it will be Intel’s first eight-core desktop processor.

In the Haswell-E series, Intel will no longer offer the quad-core configuration, but to provide 6-8 core processor, and the highest 20MB L3 cache. Of course, there are hyper threading technology to provide up to 16 logical cores. The maximum TDP of the processor is between 130W and 140W, the processor itself is made based on the second generation 22nm Hi-k process.

The revealed information didn’t specify exactly how much the Haswell-E performance is updated, but according to speculation, the performance of the series may be 30-50% higher than this year’s Ivy Bridge-E processor.

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