Sep 282012

Intel announced details of the new chip technology, and it hopes this action will help the company to gain a firm foothold in the tablet market. At the meeting, Intel introduced the new tablet design, which is Windows 8 system-based and with its latest processor. In the past few years, Intel has been talking about the ultrabook, which is thin, deformable in design and using Intel chips. On Thursday’s news conference, what Intel introduced was different, it wants manufacturers to use its Atom chip to produce tablets.

Intel said the new tablet is mainly with Atom Z2760, which is the new name, and its code-named before is Clover Trail. The new processor is also called SoC in the industry, which is short for system-on-chip, including two microprocessor core logic circuits and Hyper-Threading technology supporting.

The system manufacturers can use Intel’s new chip to produce device which is only 1.5pounds weigh and 8.5mm thick. The chip uses a lot of energy-saving technology, so the battery life can reach up to 10 hours. In another mode, that is the connection standby mode, it can be using for 3 weeks at a time.

Erik Reid, general manager of Intel’s Application Processor Division, said: “This SoC energy saving is incredible.”

At the meeting, Intel demonstrated how Microsoft Windows 8 system will run on the new tablet, and also a number of programs designed for the touch interface. Some companies will launch tablets based on the new chip, including Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Samsung, ZTE, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Asus and LG Electronics.

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