Sep 262012

Intel CEO Paul Otellini criticized Microsoft Windows 8 system that this operating system is still flawed in meeting with employees in Taiwan, and accused Microsoft released the system before it is ready.

Otellini said Windows 8 still needs some improvements. But he also said, it is the right decision to release this operating system for Microsoft before a completely ready, because it helps Microsoft and PC makers in the crucial holidays to compete with Apple in the shopping season. He also said that Microsoft can make improvements after Windows 8 shipments.

Microsoft and Intel have been closely cooperated in the past few years, but the relations between the two sides get nervous during the Microsoft was developing Windows 8, it’s because Windows 8 will be the first Windows system running based on ARM architecture, and not all are based on the Intel x86 architecture. Recent the AMR version Windows RT operating system has been facing with defeat, such as Toshiba and Hewlett-Packard Company canceled production Windows RT equipments plan. At the same time, Windows 8 system is basically developing in accordance with established track, Intel has released a variety of tablet PCs and notebook designs based on this system, and plans to convene a tablet computer conference in San Francisco on Thursday.

Intel spokesman said in a statement on Tuesday, the company’s staff meeting is private, Intel will not disclose specific details. The spokesman said: “We continue to believe that Windows 8 is a comprehensive major opportunity, and we are excited about the prospect of ultrabook, tablet PCs and deformable notebooks new shape coefficient.

Microsoft plans to officially release the Windows 8 operating system on October 26, the company issued a statement and said it looked forward to allowing this system to become available next month. Microsoft spokesman said: “Windows 8 active trial number is as many as 16 million people, which is the best operating system in Microsoft history with most testings and evaluation, and preparation work.”

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