Sep 182012

According to media reports, computer security experts appealled PC users to temporarily stop using IE, as a newly discovered security defect allowing the computer attacked by hackers.

The computer security firm Rapid7 engineering manager Tod Beardsley said, “hackers can take advantage of this flaw to endanger the safety of the computer, they can access all the files on the computer user visited.

Microsoft issued a statement saying, “We are actively investigating these reports and will take the necessary measures to protect the safety of users.”

Computer security experts say users should temporarily stop using IE. Anti-virus software vendor researcher Paul Ferguson said,” before the defect is corrected, Internet users can use other browsers, of course, you can also risk to continue using IE.”

Luxembourg e-Business & Resilience Centre security adviser Eric Romang said in a blog, he found the defects last Friday when investigated the server suspected attacked by hackers.

Beardsley said hackers have found and taken advantage of this previously undiscovered security flaws to attack computers, hackers can embed malicious code in a secure site, and then computers visiting these sites will be infected.

The market research firm StatCounter document showed that, IE ranked the second in August users with a market share of 33%. Google Chrome browser market share is 34%.

The safety company BeyondTrust CTO Marc Maiffret said, as using the application or website not compatible with Chrome or other browser, some companies may have to use IE, they should consider to make the system compatible with Chrome.

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