Sep 172012

HP has not publicly acknowledged that they have given up WebOS, but this company has proven it with practical action, Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman acknowledged in an interview last Thursday that HP is planning to launch a new smart phone, regardless of Andrews or WP, this new mobile phone operating system will never be WebOS.

While some optimists believe that HP revisiting phone is the WebOS return signal, but this is obviously a wishful thinking, Apotheker had expelled the WebOS team leaders in order to peel WebOS business, and Meg Whiteman has directly fired nearly 500 employees, before HP rebuilds the team, the new smart phone will never run WebOS.

Another evidence is that Whitman confirmed to re-launch the Tablet PC news on HP’s third-quarter earnings conference held in late August, it was thought as the first step of the WebOS regression, but what eventually appeared in North American TV advertising product is HP’s Windows Tablet PC.

HP’s new smartphone should be equipped with the Android system, after all, between Android and WP, the former is with more market influence, this choice is also same with Lenovo , Acer, Dell and other PC makers. Of course, in the future, HP will become a menber of the WP camp, like other PC makers.

The confused management and severe operating condition are the main reasons why Hewlett-Packard has to give up WebOS. It is not easy to create a sound ecological system, and that means a huge risk and investment.

It is difficult to predict what change HP can bring to the mobile phone market, but what change HP can bring to WebOS system can be guessed. The Palm and its team that HP had $1.2 billion to acquire has been completely turned into the abandoned metal scraps after three generations of leaders vacillating. It’s not only unable to create brilliant, evenĀ  it may exit the stage of history.

In a sense WebOS still remains, HP will also introduce the original version product of this operating system at regular intervals, but because of the lack of strong products built, WebOS is like Intel’s abandoned Meego generally which exists in name only.

Of course, if the HP business continues in crisis and when Meg Whitman can fire nobody, perhaps WebOS will be sold to other manufacturers at a cheap price, so that the operating system may revitalize .

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