Dec 262013

As we all know , since the overheating problem of the adapter, Google and Hewlett-Packard recalled about 145,000 units Chromebook 11 adapters. Recently, Chromebook buyers began to receive a new adapter replacement, at the same time, there is also a $ 25 gift card. The new adapter is sent by Google for free, while Google also sent users who have been affected by the Chromebook 11 adapter problem a $ 25 Google Play gift card. On the gift card, Google attached a note of apology from the Chromebook team.

Android Central website has reported that the new adapter is smaller than the original adapter, on both sides of the adapter, there is a trademark of Chrome. Nevertheless, the new one has the same output function parameters (3A, 525V) as the old one, therefore, the new adapter will bring similar performance as the old.

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