Aug 292012

Andrew Watson is a graphic artist, who likes to design text, he designed this icon quite icon, to tell us how the Microsoft’s new brand logo is designed: with Apple Myriad Pro and making some adjustments. Actually, the font used by Microsoft is Segoe, because this font is more lovely and more interesting.

The chart Andrew Watson made shows that, you only need to find the Apple Myriad Pro font, use it to write “Microsoft”, the work is almost complete, and then do some details adjustments, shrinking back the feet of the “M”,  stretching “S” and “t”, putting and “t” and “f” together, then the overall turned gray plus on a four-color blocks Windows logo, Microsoft’s new logo was born.

Is the chart Andrew Watson made ridiculous? I think so, because we like the Microsoft’s new logo. Net friends also express different point of views, some say Andrew Watson’s icon is very meaningful, and everyone is copying Apple’s idea, but some other users believe Andrew Watson is doing a meaningless thing, from the first step Microsoft is actual using a different font, as well as some say what Andrew Watson is doing is too funny, almost every flag can do a similar case, and people can always find an easy way to re-create an icon from a flag.

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  1. Very nice words I like reading it. You are soon going to be Famous.
    Thank you

  2. Me and this article, stiitng in a tree, L-E-A-R-N-I-N-G!

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