Oct 162012

According to foreign media reports, Google made a further step in integrating personal search business, the company is now gradually integrating its products, and recently launched a test feature to help users to search all Google products in Gmail unified search location. When this feature is enabled, Gmail users will be able to search e-mail, contacts, Google Drive Docs and Google Calendar schedule of information from the Web e-mail search bar.

In fact, as early as August of this year, Google had launched the experimental features to bring Gmail search results into the Google search results, but the new test function Google launched greatly expanded product range which can be incorporated into the Google search results.

According to the users taking part in this test, the user can experience “Instant Search” feeling during the search, namely when the user enter text in the search box, the Gmail search results will be displayed simultaneously in the results below. In addition to Gmail, other Google services included in the experimental search function include Google Drive, Google documents, spreadsheets, and Google Calendar.

Currently, users can apply to try out this feature through Google official website. Applicants must have a Google Gmail account, Google Apps is not in the test list.

It is worth mentioning that, such personal search service can bring some privacy concerns. After all, after this feature is enabled, other people can take advantage of a logged public computer to search user’s Gmail e-mail information. Therefore, we believe that even Google officially launch this function, it can be only used as an optional feature for the user.

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