Dec 112012

According to media reports, the general price of the Samsung Series 5 WiFi version Chromebook laptop is $429, however, Google announced on Monday that they would provide the discounted version 5 Series Chromebook laptop to the American Schools, and the discount price is only $99. This time Google cooperated with charity website to have this activity.

American school teachers can login DonorsChoose website and requir the site to provide a Series 5 Chromebook laptop for their teaching activities. Teachers can post their requirements on the website, which is convenient for those contribute and support this requirement will be able to see. After the funds amount teachers hope to raise is met, they can go to the Lakeshore Learning and receive the Chromebook laptops.

The Google event deadline is December 21, therefore, if the teachers want to get a $99 Chromebook laptop, it is best to release application on the DonorsChoose. A teacher can apply for 30 Chromebook laptops at most, which is also the American School students amount of the general classroom, so this will be able to ensure that each student can get a Chromebook laptop.

The Samsung Series 5 Chromebook laptop configuration is very good and also it’s very powerful. The laptop is equipped with the 12.1-inch LED display with a resolution of 1280* 800. In addition, this notebook is also equipped with Intel 1.66GHz Atom N570 dual-core processor, 2GB memory and 16GB flash memory, this storage capacity is not great, but enough to meet the user’s Internet needs.

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