Nov 302012

According to media reports, the application analyst firm App Annie Intelligence recently published a report said that on a global scale, the Google Play store revenue growth rate is 311% YTD, while the iOS App Store growth rate is only 12.9%. However, the total revenue of the Apple App Store is still much more than Google Play’s, which is four times more than the latter.

The report shows that seen from downloads amount, the iOS platform’s is still higher than Android’s, but the leading range is not that obvious. Android YTD downloads growth rate is 48%, while the figure is only 3.3% of the iOS platform’s.

Analysts pointed out that the Apple App Store and Google Play Global revenue gap is still quite large, but the gap is narrowing every month, which provides more opportunities for the application developers to make money from Google Play Store.

If Apple’s application store revenue in October is divided to individual countries, the United States topped with the 33% proportion, Japan, the United Kingdom and Australia followed, while the rest countries contributed 44% revenue together.

As to the Google Play revenue, Japan exceeds the United States with the 29% proportion, the latter revenue ratio is 26%. South Korea and the United Kingdom followed, and the remaining countries contributed 23% revenue together.

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