Feb 202013

According to media reports, the mobile industry analyst Benedict Evans roughly estimated the Google Nexus 7 Tablet PC sales last year is about 4.5-4.8 million units based on Asustek Computer Tablet PC latest sales data on Tuesday. Google has not released the Nexus 7 sales data, so this sales data may be the closest one to the Nexus 7 actual sales data.

Evans’s report proved that Apple still rules the tablet PC market, and the company’s decision to enter the small screen Tablet PC helps the company to stop the pace of development of other companies and secures Apple dominance position in the tablet market.

Given to it that Apple sold 22.9 million iPad in the first quarter of fiscal year 2013 (ie, the fourth quarter of 2012), equivalent to five times of Evans anticipated Nexus shipped in 2012, which also means the it still takes a long time before Android can get a considerable share same as the smartphone market in the tablet PC market.

  2 Responses to “Google Nexus 7 sold 4.8 million units last year, less than half of the iPad mini’s”

  1. I think android need to be more interacted with PC Tablet, I have Nexus 7 and Galaxy S II, but i feel more comfortable with S II OS than Nexus’s Since it lacks for appropriate software and options, not to mention the main camera ( rear ) .

  2. Not sure what this story is trying to note. Yes, the mini outsold the Nexus 7 but the mini has not outsold all Android 7″ tablets, not by a long shot. Nothing to do with which tablet is best for you, just an apple/orange comparison issue.

    Personally I would take Android over iOS. iOS is just so stagnant an OS. Actually if Windows 8 came in a 7″ that was the same price, I would much prefer it.

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