Oct 152012

Google, chairman Schmidt was asked in an interview if Google would launch a new map application for Apple devices. Schmidt did not confirm that, but said “We do not want to pre-announce before the product is launched, but what I can tell you is that if we really do, Apple will have to accept.”

The four platforms mentioned before: Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook, he still did not change his views. He said Facebook is trying to become the world’s communication hub, Amazon will become the largest store, while Apple and Google, respectively, are good at design and search work. They both compete and cooperate in many areas, but now the competition is beyond a particular area, and it has become a competition between the whole platform.

As for why did not include Microsoft, Schmidt responded: “Microsoft has done a good job, but it has exited the platform competition asit can’t take competitive products. But if Microsoft Surface Tablet PC can be successful, then it would certainly have significant impact. ”

However, for the acquisition of Motorola mobile, Schmidt said Google wouldn’t have any preferential treatment to it, because Google wanted more partners. He said waht the society really needs is innovation, not plagiarism. Google driverless car and GoogleGlass are innovative, but in what situation when these two technologies used by others is still unknown, but Google will figure out.

For the future products and technology trends, he stressed the mobile-first strategy and Google AI, what Google needs to do is to make people’s lives as well as accessing to information, more intelligent, as to how long to achieve it, he said he would follow the 80/20 rule, which we did not find out that the 20% is the most important part.

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