Jun 052013

The Temash tablet is coming. Just at the end of the first day of Computex, but the well-informed have already learned two APU mobile devices based on the new AMD – they are the Gigabyte S10A and Quanta A4-1200 prototype. The first is to introduce the Gigabyte S10A: as shown in the figure, this tablet running Windows 8 looks a bit “chunky”, and it’s equipped with AMD A4-1200 APU, 500GB mechanical hard drive and USB 3.0.

Gigabyte claimed the S10A has 14 hours battery life, which may partly explain its chassis thickness. In addition, the S10A also offers a free Office 2013 Home Edition.

The Quanta prototype is also equipped with A4-1200 APU, in addition it also has 1080p IPS touch screen, 128GB SSD, as well as 3G and LTE wireless connectivity.

According to the Mobilegeaks reports, in order to show off the capabilities of the platform, the manufacturer also gave it the slogan that everything that is possible. .

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